Author Urja Joshi Believes in Letting People be who They Want to be

She adds “Women authors in contemporary India are nothing but a revolution”, I am a part of this community and I know how amazing it is to see women authors writing what they strongly believe in. They write about the changes they want to see in society and they write about their hardships that they have faced all these years, they don’t stop themselves from calling out the men and even other women who once put them down through what they write. Their pain and oppression has now found a medium for itself to express and I think it’s beautiful.

Ms. Joshi is the author of Yellow the verses of hurting and healing. She goes ahead and describes Yellow in the title as apt and that it does justice to the book. This book was all about delivering a message to people, that there is always good waiting for you at the end, and that light is always going to find you, no matter where you hide, it will always come to you. And of course, when your book consists of a moral which can be delivered, only through duality, it becomes a challenge to select a title that serves the purpose.

Since the book was about 2 phases: hurting and then healing, Mohi and Kabir, the name yellow does justice to it. When I first thought of naming the book yellow my first idea was that this color represents both of these emotions. I simply went by this ideology that if I go out during autumn I can see yellow leaves and the death, so it’s like yellow color is marking the end of something, death of a season or grief but if it’s spring then you can see yellow-colored flowers all over again which means that yellow is also a very good symbol of birth, that’s how I approved this idea, that yellow is all about duality and that’s exactly what I want my readers to perceive.”

The author is a believer in miracles and she believes that even if the book isn’t perfect, She is immensely proud of it and that she worked for it hard. Upon asking about gender norms and how she would go about shattering them in her writing she said Gender norms do not exist, we constructed them inside our heads, and we are a lot harsh to people who are like us than those who are different from us.

The community of men gets more conservative towards men who wear makeup or jewelry or choose to have no facial hair than women ever will. And I can swear by this that this is the same case within the women’s world. And I am not a fan of this, I will never support a rule book that says that a gender has to be, dress, behave a certain way to justify that they are, what they claim to be.

And I have written many poems in yellow about that, poems about how men aren’t considered manly enough if they cry or choose to have piercings if they enjoy makeup and I will not stop writing about this. Let people be who they want to be.”

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