Author: Gary Forrest

Raised in the North East, Gary has over 30 years of experience in financial services and investments. Initially working in the mortgage sector, Gary successfully grew his lending business from £100 million to £1 billion within five years, before selling High Street Home Loans to focus on a new venture, The High Street Group. Quickly realising the need for an end-to-end solution from land acquisition to project completion, Gary entered the construction and development sector. Resulting in the formation of All Saints Construction. Most recently, Gary has honed in on the growing demand within the Build to Rent sectors, with High Street GRP Ltd. quickly shifting to capitalise on this. Today, the Group has several large-scale projects under construction, including Newcastle’s tallest building, with a further £1 billion of projects in the pipeline. The vision to create sustainable communities has meant that the direction of the High Street Hospitality business has evolved into the provision of lifestyle offerings within the BTR projects.