Award Winning Actor Tazito Garcia on Where he Gets his Drive: “I Didn’t Want to see war Anymore.”

Taz “Tazito” Garcia is one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming most charming, motivating, engaging, and versatile entertainers, having built a name for himself as a low-budget filmmaking maverick with a memorable audition for the Power Rangers TV show in 2005.

Garcia received the Breakout Action Star Award in Hollywood in 2013 for his performance in The Briefcase, followed by the Canada Film Festival Award of Excellence in Toronto for his female-led Dead End, and finally the Icon Award in Los Angeles in 2016 for his dedication to honing his craft and continuously inspiring young filmmakers among other iconic recipients such as Cynthia Rothrock, Ronnie Coleman, and Don Wilson.

He has also become a top selling author and a very savvy entrepreneur as the co-founder of Monarc Productions and The annual Movie Expo, which takes place virtually in March. And Garcia accomplished many of it, having started from zero when he moved to his newly found home, Canada, 20 years ago.

So, where did Garcia get the drive to pursue his dreams to change his life? 

My parents, on the other hand, had a more traditional outlook. It was mostly about going to school, working hard, providing for your family, and earning money so that you could save for a rainy day before retiring. That work ethic stayed with me as I learnt the difference between needs and wants, but when the Gulf War broke out in 1991, everything changed for me. That’s when I realized that everything individuals have worked so hard for may be taken away in a second, yet nothing can take away memories and experiences.

So much of my motivation stems from having gone through it and realizing that nothing is truly for granted. Would what I was doing at the time, whether it be a more traditional job or something else, be the last thing I would want to do if my life were to flash before my eyes?

I realized the answer was ‘no’. At the end of the day, there was so much more I wanted to experience, see, and do. I didn’t want to see war anymore. That fear that came with it was real and it was either going to shock me or motivate me enough to learn how to channel and use it. I went with the latter option.

People around me yearned for an escape through shows and films, and as someone who grew up with a passion for entertainment, I felt that there was still so much daily pain and worry that the film industry could send a powerful message of hope while simultaneously providing entertainment. 

Since as far back as I can remember, my goal has been to bring as many smiles and entertain as many people as possible as possible all around the world. To inspire an audience that, despite challenges, life is worth living to the fullest. These are the kinds of experiences that will help us mature and truly appreciate the good times. 

Image by Maryam Mamipour

When I moved to Canada many years later, I completed my academic career while also pursuing my passion for the entertainment industry as an actor, filmmaker, and writer, largely on low-budget films, school projects, and friends’ notions while enjoying the journey to where I wanted to go.

In many of his recent roles, such as Tom in Trust, which opened in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Taz displayed a softer side which makes him a multilayered up-and-coming hero. Taz, who has been dubbed “the nicest person on set” or “The People’s Champ,” has stated that he is ready to step in when heroes like Stallone are ready to hang up their gloves, but he will not shy away from roles in Rom-Coms or Dramas.

In fact, despite the fact that most people know him as the “Action Guy” thanks to his Power Rangers audition, which changed his career path from dramatic actor to a more physical actor frequently featured in action films, his roots are in comedy and drama, which he’d be pleased to return to. 

Taz’s most recent roles include a supporting role as Paddock’s Mercenary in Project Xtraction starring Jackie Chan and John Cena and a Romantic Comedy in pre-production for spring 2022.

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