Award-Winning Business Coach Michael Barayev Reveals 3 Fundamental Tips to Closing a Deal, Every Time

Award-Winning Business Coach Michael Barayev Reveals 3 Fundamental Tips To Closing A Deal, Every Time

Michael Barayev, an award-winning sales and business coach, has successfully taken his decade of experience in the sales world and implemented it into building a profitable empire, impacting thousands of lives. He quickly grew his company, Barayev Marketing LLC, into a multiple 8-figure business in only 3 short years.  Michael takes pride in the fact that he employs individuals who are not only hardworking, but also have the hunger for learning and growth. Realizing the potential of his tips and experiences in the sales industry and how it has helped his own company grow, he has launched an exclusive coaching program for entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, and sales professionals. Barayev Bootcamp is a one-on-one extensive sales and business coaching program where Michael equips entrepreneurs and business owners with essential skills needed to scale their businesses effectively through building teams, sales training, and implementing proper systems and operations.

Michael Barayev shares with us 3 crucial points to remember while closing any sales deal:

Ask Questions

Many salespeople make the mistake of simply regurgitating facts and specs about their product or service, under the false belief that providing the customer with an exorbitant amount of “information” will make or break their decision. On the contrary, a large portion of your interaction should instead be spent asking the customer questions in order to find out the root of their objections and the things that are most important to them- which will help you ultimately discover the best product or service that works for them, not just your bottom line.

Understand Objections

A large number of sales are lost due to salespeople simply walking away from potential deals upon the first glimpse of any resistance or hesitation from the customer. “I need to think about it.” “I need to talk to my spouse.” “I’m busy, come back later.” “It’s too expensive.” These are all objections that can be easily and efficiently handled, once you understand the root of where that objection is coming from. 9 times out of 10, these “surface objections” are only coming out because you have not done your job of showing the value of your product or service to the customer. As long as the customer sees enough value in your product, there is no objection that cannot be easily overcome with the right training.

Connect With Your Customers

Don’t be a sales robot. Your pitch should not be a one size fits all approach. Take the time to connect with your customer on a personal level. Find out about their interests, their likes and dislikes. If a customer feels they are just a number to you, and you only care about their bottom line, the likelihood of them doing business with you decreases significantly. This can especially be a challenge to newer salespeople, who may have simply memorized their “pitch” and expect that to then yield them the same results as more experienced salespeople. Personalization and connection are integral to closing any deal.

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