Award-Winning Writer and Producer Rodney Barnes Has Launched His Own Publishing and Film Companies

You may know Rodney Barnes through his work on The Boondocks, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and American Gods. He is the brains behind these, and other shows, successfully cementing a place for himself in Hollywood today. This award-winning screenwriter and producer has quite a few successes under his belt at this point, which is why he took things to the next level.

Barnes has recently established his own publishing company, called Zombie Love Studios, as well as a film company, Rodney Barnes Productions. It makes perfect sense for him to establish his own companies given his extensive experience in the television industry at this point.

If there is one thing Barnes is really passionate about, it’s comic books. He always enjoys writing a new graphic novel, and now will get to do so through his own Zombie Love Studios. While he enjoys screenwriting as well, his biggest passion is definitely comic books.

The Boondocks, which he is best known for, was originally a comic strip that was probably featured in your local newspaper. It later became adapted to be a television show on Cartoon Network. Barnes was the executive producer and writer of the show, which exemplifies his love of comics.

What Barnes is looking to do is expand his reach and influence in the entertainment industry by becoming the owner of his own studio and production company. It looks like things are promising for Barnes with both Zombie Love Studios and Rodney Barnes Productions.

As someone who knows how to captivate an audience, Barnes looks to replicate the success he has had with the 18-45 market. Receiving awards like the American Film Institute Award and a Peabody Award are indicators that he is likely to see success with his new ventures into publishing and film production.

This rising star in Hollywood is an African American creative who is expanding his positive impact on the entertainment industry. He sees himself as a uniter in an increasingly polarized world, doing so by creating creative content that is universally enjoyed.

Already having over 200 episodes as a writer and producer with his creative signature on them, it is clear that his unique style and approach has been a big hit. Rodney has been involved with everything from mainstream comedy to urban entertainment to animation. This award-winning writer and producer has also been nominated for BET Comedy Awards, Image Awards, and the Writers Guild of America.

Starting up both a publishing company and a film company is something Rodney feels he is ready to do, and something he has been dreaming of doing for some time. He has been collaborating with some of Hollywood’s top creators, producers, networks, and studios, which has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience he now carries into Zombie Love Studios and Rodney Barnes Productions.

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