Axie Infinity Halts its Classic Game Rewards, Making P2E Players Switch To New Mode

Axie Infinity (AXS), a play-to-earn (P2E) online game launched in 2018, has eliminated all token incentives from its original game mode in favor of a new mode called Axie Infinity Origin. Several P2E players will bear the brunt of this change, considering the blockchain game accounts for 66.67% of all NFT transactions, having helped popularize the P2E paradigm.

Although the Axie Infinity team clarified that  the decision was made to help stabilize the Smooth Love Potion token’s economy, it could pass off as a tactful approach too. By reducing the benefits of the original game, Axie Infinity quietly encourages P2E gamers to switch to the new mode.

In the new mode, the team will enable the use of SLP to construct various in-game bonuses like charms and runes, thereby withdrawing old prizes. The team claims that the SLP benefits will be transferred to the new gameplay system, although the minting service will be down for the next 30 days, as the team performs a monitoring phase to look for vulnerabilities.

Despite the fact that Axie Infinity’s crypto tokens have underperformed during the crypto winter, the project’s NFT volume increased by 205% in July. Regardless, the online game developers emphasized the importance of the transition from classic to the new game style in order to “balance the SLP economy,” which isn’t their first attempt. Previously, the Axie Infinity team withdrew the SLP awards for the adventure mini-game and the daily quests reward in classic mode back in February.

Token value has drastically fallen from its all-time high of $164.90 in November 2021 despite the team’s best attempts to implement economic reforms. Whether the P2E players will be welcoming of this new strategy or not is yet to be confirmed but it appears to be a promising endeavor nonetheless.

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