Ayesha Curry, NBA Wife, Professional Cook and Social Influencer

Wife of Stephen Curry and author of a bestseller. She is also a very great cook and a top influencer.

Ayesha Curry was born in March 1989 in Canada. She is an actress, a famous cookbook author, and a cooking T.V. celebrity. Ayesha performed in a guest role in several television shows and movies.

Ayesha is a professional cook, and she started her show Ayesha Homemade which was all about on food network. Her career began in 2014 when she made videos about cooking on her YouTube channel Little Lights of Mine.

Curry published her book The Seasoned Life in 2016.  In this book, Ayesha shares her experience in cooking and 100s of recipes. She also invites readers into her home and makes different recipes with her two daughters and her husband.

What is Ayesha Curry Best Known For?

Ayesha Curry is a mother of three children and a wife of Stephen Curry, the most notable NBA sports star of the decade. What does she do in her available time? She possesses three restaurants, her cookware line, and is a popular cooking T.V. star.

Ayesha started her culinary business in 2014. From that time, she got more fame than she could have ever expected in her life. Curry began posting cooking tutorials on her YouTube platform in 2014, which got a high popularity level. When she wrote her book about cooking in 2016, she could become a prominent name in the cooking world.

Ayesha made her platform named “Ayesha’s Homemade” and then renamed it “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen.” This show shed light on every aspect of the cooking experience. 

Now a days 31-year-old Ayesha is not doing much work on television. But she is performing different activities on social media and posts videos on her YouTube channel occasionally. Ayesha is a real entrepreneur in the cooking business. Due to the cooking business, she gets the status of celebrity in the world.

How Did Ayesha Curry Become an Influencer?

Ayesha Curry has become the influencing personality because she launched a meal-kit system that delivers her customers’ food. This meal-kit system provides service to the whole family. According to Ayesha, “Our delivery system focuses on the families. The main objective is to prepare food for a family.

People are responding positively, and we are receiving so much love from the families. Meal-kit is helping people and providing them ease of life in their zone”. Ayesha’s show Homemade creates an online community for the followers who will gain access to weekly live streaming about her cooking strategies.

“Wastage of Food is a Global Problem” a Slogan Make Ayesha Curry an Influencers

According to Curry, food wastage is a global problem that damages the economy, food security, and surroundings. She recently made an association with Salvage Supperclub, an organization trying to create awareness about food wastage. This organization is encouraging people not to throw the extra food out. In America, an average family wastes food about $1,600 in one year. It means that food wastage is also contributing to landfills.

Curry wants to help people to gain more interest in food and waste it in less quantity. If people do so, they will become able to save money and the environment. Curry is trying to find a method which not waste the food. For the preservation of food, she is also associated with Glad.

This company makes different products to protect food and raise awareness about the harmful effects of food waste in America. Glad makes other ingredients that protect the extra material of the recipe. People who plan for their meals have fewer bills, and they save money, resulting in less food wastage occurs.

Where to Start Following Ayesha Curry Online?

As a fan, if you want to follow the missions in which  Curry proceeds in life, you must follow her on social media platforms.

  • Twitter account: @ayeshacurry
  • Instagram account: @ayeshacurry
  • Facebook account: Ayesha Curry

Final Words on Ayesha Curry

From the above discussion, it is no doubt that Ayesha Curry serves the people through delicious recipes and encourages other women. She wants to aware of all the ladies that how you can establish themselves in their homes. Her main mission to not throw the extra food into junk but serve other people through this is an applauded one.

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