Ayoub El Hariri’s Strive to Bring a Revolution in Gaming World and Spreading the Culture of Robot Games Through Gravtech Company.

Gaming should be fun, Hariri democratizes the skillset

Building your company from the scratch and taking it to new heights require certain skill sets and Ayoub EL HARIRI expertises those skillsets. By becoming an SME leader in 2019 as Head of Software and Games at Reach Robotics, he has proved that your dreams can be achieved through hard work. Ayoub started developing consumer gaming and educational robots and that turned out to be beneficial for many people.

As the CEO of GravTech company, it is a huge responsibility for Ayoub EL HARIRI to live up to people’s expectations. The company aims to become one of the world’s foremost gaming simulation companies. Reaching up to his goals is not going to be less than a challenge. Determined to set an example and bring a revolution in the gaming world, Ayoub has started going the extra mile. His team is working on developing and e-publishing.

When you work your way towards victory, you get to learn a lot from your experience and Ayoub EL HARIRI knows this better. The SME Leaders program allowed him to sharpen his skills and grow professionally. When asked about the program, Ayoub says, “ Thanks to the course, it allowed me to improve my leadership skills. Mentoring has provided critical advice and support through changing companies and goals. The coaching has helped me to identify and overcome my weaknesses as a leader and as an individual.” He is grateful for the SME Leaders program since it assisted his transition between jobs.

Ayoub EL HARIRI is planning on taking GravTech Games to new heights. Growing the franchise won’t be effortless but his passion will not allow him to give up without a swedge. Ayoub along with his company is working on e-sports, large-scale multiplayer games, and cutting-edge realism. Not following the crowd and making a name of yourself is tougher than it seems but Ayoub’s zeal drove him to success. His team is adopting Artificial Intelligence and procedural generation. He hopes that it will level the playing field with larger video game studios. Spreading the culture of robot games for children is Ayoub’s main motto and he won’t sit idle till he achieves his ambition.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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