Ayush Tomar – A Brilliant Young Enterpreneur

As the everyday passes more and more developments are taking place in the various working sectors. Out of these, entrepreneurship is one of the richest and the most picked up professional field in the present time.

Mostly youngsters are contributing to this sector and are progressing and gaining success at a very high rate. One such shining star of this highly profit orient business is Ayush Tomar who is successfully running his own company as well as is working on his dream future projects.

Ayush Tomar is a nineteen years old Kanpur based businessman and entrepreneur who is consider to be the youngest CEO of a record label, prominently known as Aayustaar. He had completed his schooling from a renowned school, KDMA World School. From a very young age he was too much fond of music and acting that is the reason he had also join the Asian Academy of Films and Television and now he is planning to set up the first international standard music studio and music marketing company in his home town.

Ayush has done a lot within just few years of his life. Even he has the honour of becoming the youngest stock trader of Kanpur because he had generated 6 figures revenue in stock trading and running companies. Thus, he is a renowned and well-known personality in stock market. But he is not satisfied with this success only as he had many brilliant future endeavours. He is just about to launch a parent company to collaborate staardust entertainment, staardust media and staardust records all together. He is also planning to launch his company’s first official interiorly decorated building having all the top class music instruments. Thus, he is young boy with thousands of brilliant dreams and aspirations.

Personalities like Ayush Tomar are not easy to be found. He is a young businessman and music lover who is fulfilling all his dreams with his creative mind.

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