B2B and Telecom are in High Gear in the Age of Connectivity

The tech sector is hot on transportation and electric vehicles. iQSTEL, a U.S.-based, publicly-listed company offering leading-edge telecommunication and technology services for global markets, says this is not surprising when you consider that the EV market was at more than $260 billion in 2020, and that global estimates point to continual growth.

However, EVs are not the only thing that has got people talking. Fintech aims to reach the unbanked and underbanked globally. More financial industry-shaking solutions for more consumers means revenue growth potential in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Still, it is robust B2B and telecom endeavors that may be driving the speed of business. They satisfy a requirement for connectivity, which has the potential to drive business success.

This list of services is arguably the butter for the bread of many telecommunications companies. As a result, the tech involved is in the driver’s seat for much of the industry’s revenue projections.

These tech solutions include:

  • A growing focus on VoIP domestically and internationally for LatAm, Africa, and Asia
  • A European market with a need for VoIP and TDM voice termination
  • Worldwide SMS solutions that touch an increasingly mobile world with SMS Applications to Person (A2P) and Person to Person (P2P)
  • OmniChannel marketing for small to medium businesses and even government entities
  • Data-driven Internet of Things solutions (Smart thermostats, security systems, fitness trackers, etc.)
  • Mobile Number Portability applications with high-security backing

VoIP and Global Connectivity

Solutions with a VoIP focus are gaining traction in regions around the globe. As a result, consumers and businesses need communication now more than ever. This communication stretches across the Internet, phone lines, and wirelessly. So, it’s no wonder that the footprint has gone global.

Latin America, Africa, and Asia are home to developed and emerging markets that need a robust digital ecosystem. Since VoIP can route calls over an existing internet connection, it can save businesses money. Moreover, governments also require the same valuable tools to stay connected seamlessly. 

Where momentum has indeed grown is with shareholders and prospective investors who recognize the value of increasing accessibility with VoIP.

Drawing voice, video, and even data into a single application is changing the face of accessibility. Moreover, this accessibility is terrific when paired with the heightened scalability of VoIP. 

Users can travel around the globe and tap into their IP-enabled computers for a secure and crystal clear connection. As more business enterprises and consumers require connectivity worldwide, VoIP begins to tap into a global need for communication.

Small and large teams may benefit from the leading-edge features available with VoIP-supported telecommunications. Flexibility is next-level, and security is always a priority. 

Regions that have been unable to access communication resources are now finding goods and services because of B2B telecommunications. As a result, companies see improvements to profitability and revenue projections stemming from those practical solutions. 

Network solutions at their current levels support a higher level of multitasking. The tools also supply a complete suite of technological offerings that far exceed those available in the past. After all, businesses cannot function without top-notch connectivity.

Going Global with SMS

Global Applications to Person (A2P) and Person to Person (P2P) endeavors are deeper than text messaging. Revenue-generating SMS-carrier assets bring tremendous upside potential.

Corporate clients are also among those benefiting from this tech. Meanwhile, five billion people who regularly use SMS messaging bolster the market’s revenue forecasts.

2025 could see that number of people reach 6 billion, driven by the presence of 5G. In addition, competition in the sector is allowing for competitive pricing. These solutions may allow broader access to their solutions.

Evolution of IoT Technology

Improvements to IoT solutions are tech-driven by reliable data. From chemical management to security applications, IoT resources make tech smarter.

Multiple kinds of smart home devices and even commercial utilities draw on the power of IoT. Analyzing more data points creates more precise decision-making. Gaining access to valuable information and secure sites is manageable when measurable data is available. 

Blockchain-Based Solutions and the Future of Mobile Number Portability

Blockchain-driven MNPA technology makes security a breeze. In addition, the implementation of smart contracts allows users to have autonomy and save money. Cutting out intermediaries and brokers allows identity confirmation faster than ever. Minimizing risk from third parties is invaluable.

The future could see changing a mobile number be as simple as using a smartphone app. MNPA solutions bring these possibilities to the market. In addition, this technology allows an extension of the mobile networking model with added security from blockchain technology. 

Heightened privacy routing capabilities make communication safer and faster, and there are companies already charting a course for serious market capture. Mobile devices are in the hands of virtually every consumer. In addition, this technology allows quick and easy changing from one mobile network carrier to another.

Simplifying this process is irreplaceable and may change the industry. Moreover, growth in the coming years may eclipse the estimates of $530 million annually for the MNPA Platform as a Service (PaaS) market. 

Industry Mavens Shaping the Telecom Ecosystem

Coral Gables, Florida’s iQSTEL is carving out a place in the telecommunications landscape. IoT is here to stay, and the organizations that capitalize on its growth may find serious growth potential.

iQSTEL even has sights on one billion end-users through its MNPA tech, a path paved with smart contract functionality. Protecting user information is not a luxury but a necessity, and the company recognizes that. With the global number of cellular phone users rising, the marketplace could see those targets become a reality.

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