Baby Shark Networks CEO Shomaila Niaz on How Digital Businesses Can Succeed in the Post-Pandemic World

The world that we are living right now is the world that nobody had ever imagined a few months ago. It is something that has changed the dynamics of almost all industries all over the world. The upheaval that has been caused by what is today known as a global health pandemic called COVID-19 has shifted gears across all sectors and many brands and businesses are on crossroads to yet decide what could be there next move to retain their original positions in their market and grow their digital businesses post the pandemic.

In such case scenarios, it is essential for them to understand certain things or ideas which can take them towards more success in the post-pandemic world. To come to the rescue of all these companies and brands, CEO of Baby Shark Networks, a Pakistan-based web and digital PR agency, Shomaila Niaz, has come up with her 3 keys for attaining success in the vast digital world as a brand, company, and business and get back on track by focusing on these critical things.

First, let us dive into knowing who this influential woman entrepreneur is and how she has successfully turned brands and businesses lucrative through her leading marketing, OOH, advertising, web and digital and PR agency called Baby Shark Networks. Niaz has acted as that courageous entrepreneur who never backed down in her career and excelled at her marketing and PR business, even amidst the lockdown and the crisis caused by COVID-19. She is still working consistently to keep growing her firm to newer heights of success, thanks to her innate skills to understand market trends, take clever decisions and act accordingly as per the changing times of the world. 

Baby Shark Networks has expanded itself across the US and the UK as well and has become the fastest-growing firm that has been disrupting the digital marketing space, with Niaz’s expertise who has initiated digital media innovations in marketing. Her optimum and smart use of OOH, advertising and a mammoth of diverse web and digital and PR services has acted like a magical wand for all her clients, giving them the success they desire and gaining herself more international clientele.

Looking at the current trying times the entire world is facing and how businesses are badly hit by the same, Niaz has come up with a few essential keys which can take digital brands and businesses on a journey called success to survive in the post-pandemic world. Speaking on it further, Niaz says, “Well, what’s happened has happened, but important right now is to know what brands would do from this point. They must understand what journey they can create for themselves, by first analyzing where they stand in the digital world and then work out ways that can propel them in the digital space to ultimately reach their goals in business.”

For this, Niaz drops her 3 keys for Digital Business Success to survive in the post-pandemic world.

  • Transform the business by updating it with a digital-first approach: If anything that brands can do right now, rather than giving up, they must surrender themselves to the new normal and that is by giving in everything to keep up with the new time and age and requirements of the digital world. Now is the time, Niaz, says that digital business owners must take essential steps to gradually accept the changes in the industry and start working on updating their businesses with a digital-first approach. They must also update the skills and capabilities of executive boards and teams to be the future digital leaders.
  • Redefine service-delivery: After starting to take small but significant steps to transform the business by updating to be fully digital, brands must also put the focus on the important aspect of service delivery. So far, marketing and advertising companies have heavily relied on their strategies and activities of OOH as well, but now, a deeper focus is needed on digitally-enabled platforms to start sourcing products and services digitally with the use of digital marketing and PR models, expert guidance, flexible payment options, etc. believes Niaz.
  • Digital Collaborations: Gone are the days when companies banked on partnerships and collaborations through traditional media and the like. Niaz thinks that it is more important than ever to start making collaborations digitally and become more active across digital mediums as a company as a full-stack digital business, ahead in the industry by keeping up with the trends of the market. Niaz also thinks that non-digital businesses may simply not exist in the coming years. Hence, brands must take steps actively to make this change the new norm of the digital business space.

The pandemic period is for a lot of introspection as well for brands to take steps smartly and calculatedly keeping in mind the modern solutions they need to provide people, for regaining their positions and surviving in the post-pandemic world, thinks Niaz.

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