Back On Track – Amalia Kadis’ New Album

At the beginning of the year the EDM star Amalia Kadis teased her sophomore album, promising to heat up the late summer with her second full body release. Then things went quiet around the Japan based artist.

After her debut album was received full of enthusiasm by her dedicated fanbase in 2020, the Tokyo-based artist had announced working on the follow up already at the beginning of this year. Ready to set the tone for long summer nights with her melodic EDM ballads, Amalia Kadis confirmed that she was actually already recording new songs. In March she even shared behind the scenes footage of an upcoming music video, possibly for her first single release from the the album. But then things went quiet.

Kadis’ popular instagram account was disabled, and the social media blackout being a common move in the build up to an album promotion these days, everyone was on their toes and ready for the the new body of work to drop at the peak of this year’s summer. But with the change of season approaching and still no word or sight of the artist, her fanbase started to worry and ask questions about whether the album would eventually drop.

Now LA Weekly confimed that upon request her management confirmed that yes, Amalia Kadis fans will have to show some understanding and a little more patiencet. The circumstances for the postponed (date not specified) release were apparently described to be ‘challenges of personal nature’. Further, the representative asked for ‘understanding for the artist’s public absence in these times, ensuring that she will definitely return to the scene’.

We are glad that Amalia Kadis is taking the time that she needs and are none the less excited to hear her new music, whenever she is ready to go ahead with the release. Her loyal, almost intimate community of fans will surely show the same amount of understanding, especially given how difficult the last 16 months have been for artists and the performing industry in general.

So whether the hot summer tunes will have to wait for the next one, or whether they will spark up the colder season, we will see. One thing that is for certain, we have no doubt that the album will be a success, whenever it drops.

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