Backpack Boyz Is a Cannabis Lifestyle Company That Is Making Waves

There are many cannabis-focused companies today thanks to cannabis being legalized in California. Even before recreational cannabis became legal in 2018, it was legal for medicinal use since the 90s, which itself helped create a burgeoning network of dispensaries selling all sorts of cannabis-related products. Established in 2017, Backpack Boyz is one of the newer companies to join the industry, but they have already made their mark.

While Backpack Boyz does sell cannabis strains, it’s become somewhat of a cannabis lifestyle company. That’s because they also create and design clothing that speaks to the Bay Area cannabis culture. They take inspiration from the diversity of the place they call home. They also take a great deal of pride in the quality of their products, both in the stitching of the apparel and the printing of the eye-catching packaging.

Today, Backpack Boyz enjoys being the best place to get exotic cannabis packs. They make sure everything gets shipped out via mail-order discreetly, and makes the entire process as easy as it can be. This is a company that strives to grow and deliver some of the best quality exotic cannabis packs available globally.

The team behind Backpack Boyz has been in the business for well over a decade, which means they have been able to learn a great deal through trial-and-error. Today, they are able to deliver quality products that are separate from the rest. Their commitment to quality and uniqueness has led to a strong and loyal fanbase that has developed over the years. This has led to Backpack Boyz being able to expand beyond selling cannabis strains and become a cannabis lifestyle company.

This company’s urban apparel has become quite the hit in the Bay area due to it being very comfortable, stylish, and practical. They want to make sure their customers look and feel good while representing their love for cannabis. If you love buds, you will probably find something to love at Backpack Boyz.

While they’re not the first cannabis lifestyle company to come around the block, they do have some of the best quality around. For them, quality trumps quantity, which is why they take time to make their products. Even if it means selling less, they make sure every product they make is printed and stitched at the highest quality possible.

The edgy colors and concepts single out Backpack Boyz in a way that has generated a lot of hype and buzz, especially in the Bay area’s cannabis connoisseur community. Today, they are also collaborating with major influencers and famous athletes to reach more people. Thanks to their efforts on social media and word-of-mouth marketing, this brand’s popularity has exploded. Today, they are quite the force to be reckoned with, and according to them, they are just getting started.

You get your hands on some of the apparel, or the exceptional and unique cannabis strains, Backpack Boyz has to offer, you can head over to their website. You can also follow them on Instagram @backpackboyz_b.legit.

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