Barrett Shepherd on How Simpl Fulfillment is Leveraging Automation and Global Shipping

The e-commerce industry has seen remarkable demand in recent years owing to its convenience and reliability. Over time, more and more small business owners are moving their firms, shops, and services online, considering the uptick in interest from customers, partners, and stakeholders alike. Many large-scale ventures are coming forward to help small-to-medium scale businesses stay afloat and navigate their way in the industry. What these business owners need is seamless shipping services powered by automation. Barrett Shepherd, the founder and owner of Simpl Fulfillment, is helping several e-commerce businesses thrive by harnessing automation.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur is spearheading his e-commerce fulfillment company and the venture has only grown and expanded multi-fold. Speaking on how he scaled Simpl Fulfillment, Shepherd said, “I started this business to help brands outsource their shipping requirement and thereby have operations automated seamlessly.”

Having begun quite young, Shepherd knew that he had to start from scratch and find his way up. That’s how the $7k of debt borrowed to launch Simpl was turned into a 7-figure revenue-generating business. If there’s one thing that I’d known while starting as an entrepreneur, it was the fact that many aspiring or new business owners need help to fasten their processes, connect with their customers and streamline their shipment and logistics.

So far, Shepherd’s well-thought-of business plan has been helping a variety of e-commerce players worldwide, and he plans to continue serving clients and expanding his services for the years to come. Shepherd’s quest to work in the e-commerce space and engage with people drove him to launch Simpl Fulfillment. He felt that there was a scope to help e-commerce companies with shipment and logistic support. “Back then, I discovered a huge issue with brands trying to get their orders delivered to their customers. This was an eye-opener to me, and the thought that I could offer a solution to them struck me instantaneously,” added Shepherd.

Shepherd’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to build a compelling mission. More importantly, it is essential to fill a need gap and offer a solution that helps businesses overcome hurdles and challenges.

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