Bav Majithia’s Skills Prove He is Born as a Natural Entrepreneur

Bav Majithia is vastly recognized as a successful serial entrepreneur originally from Leicester, United Kingdom. Aside from the companies he founded such as Genuine Solutions and Visual Muse, Majithia also has his hands full as an owner and investor of multiple companies and properties. With over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry, Majithia was able to gain the appropriate skills and experience required to push through the business world as an entrepreneur. As the father of two sons and a loving husband to his wife, Louise, Majithia still craves for further challenges and will not stop until he has helped many individuals to achieve their dreams.

Majithia’s Hard Work

Majithia always knew the value of hard work even as a child. Majithia’s parents owned a traditional convenience store in Wigston, a small town just south of Leicester. Through his parents, Majithia learned how to sacrifice free time and remain determined to achieve a goal. With all of Majithia’s pursuit, he advises anyone who dreams of success to be prepared to work harder than anyone else, and commitment is something that needs to be pushed.

Majithia has proven his hard work in all his former endeavors. When he made the bold move to London at 21 years old, prepared with nothing but his air mattress, he successfully made connections and sharpen his skills at the same time. In his early career in the telecom industry, Majithia made astonishing results for the company. He sold 960 more phones in a day compared to the average. In another company, Majithia pulled a similar successful move by helping the company earn a positive sales revenue, from £2 million to £18 million.

Majithia’s accomplishments only drove him to seek for more challenging roles. As a man who does not see his work as an actual job but more as a hobby, he was never satisfied remaining in the same position and always knew there were greater opportunities beyond his career.

Majithia’s Entrepreneurial Skills

By 2006, Majithia founded his first company, Genuine Solutions Group, on an agreed 50-50 partnership. Majithia was so focused on the company and dedicated approximately 12 to 14 hours on a daily basis towards his work. Majithia and his co-founder’s hard work paid off as Genuine Solutions received recognition and awards for the eminent products and services they offered.

Having dedicated his time and efforts mainly to Genuine Solutions Group for 13 years, Majithia was ready to explore further opportunities. Whenever Majithia is asked about his success, he constantly praises the team that he has built, as the work that they do for multiple companies evidently stands out. Majithia is also a proud receiver of the Queen’s Award.

Moreover, Majithia is known to have a methodical, logical, and process-driven approach to all aspects of business, whether that be managing a team or refining processes to fit business needs. Part of his success is dedicated to a wide network of influential business professionals and entrepreneurs he was able to connect with and contact for any expertise required.

Majithia’s Prospective

Majithia never aimed for financial success. He enjoys a challenge and focuses his energy on overcoming it. Overall, Majithia aims to continue his role as a founder, owner, and investor of a myriad of companies and properties. He ensures to always surround himself with like-minded individuals from various sectors. With this, he aims to easily facilitate others to use his own knowledge and skills to build teams, brands, processes, and strategies. I also mentor and coach others looking to build their own business.

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