Be It in Front of the Camera or the Easel, Nafas Hussey Does Spectacular Work Which Is Worth a Dekko.

The multi-talented model and artist whose work speaks volumes about her.

They say all world’s an art, and they say that right. Who can deny that the one up there is the greatest of all creators and artists who created the world on his canvas. We have seen the rise of many human beings in the world of art, where they get an outlet of expression to display their deepest emotions and feelings and, in the process, also connect with the audiences they cater to.

The easier this sounds, the more difficult it is to make it huge in the art world. You need to have an artist’s eye to see even the most extraordinary things in perhaps the most ordinary spaces and create something that can spellbound audiences in ways more than one.

One name that has been buzzing high lately in the same is Nafas Hussey. She is one gorgeous girl who sees beauty in everything and tries to put across her feelings and thoughts through her modern art on the canvas.

Nafas Hussey hails from Lahijan, which is a town in the north of Iran. “I started showing a deep inclination towards art when I was just 7 and have been painting since then. My passion towards the world of art took me to Australia in 2010, after completing my graduation in architecture, to pursue studying visual arts.

Since then, she has held numerous art exhibitions in Sydney where she’s located and Iran from where she hails. Apart from her career as an artist, she is also a professional model and has been a part of various projects of some known brands in Australia. “Apart from pursuing my career as an artist, I want to focus on my modelling career as well and excel in my field of work exceptionally,” says Nafas.

The brown-eyed, jet black hair scintillating beauty has been making her mark in the modelling industry and enthralling people with her work as a model, artist and painter of modern art. Nafas Hussey has even had a few expeditions in Iran and in Sydney and now plans to do more of her art expeditions around Australia while keeping her aim intact to make waves in the modelling industry.

Be it modelling or art, this stunning beauty has conquered both territories and gained numerous fans who are in awe of her spectacular work. She is definitely moving ahead at a fast pace and is determined to make it to the top in whatever work she lays her hands on.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @nafas.hussey.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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