Be Self-ish: Indestructible Self-Love Champion Krista Nerestant Can Teach You How 

Usually, when you hear the word selfish, it has a negative connotation. But Krista Nerestant takes issue with that way of thinking. Nerestant, who holds a certification in Qi Healing and certifications as a Neurolinguistic Life Coach and Erickson Hypnotist, would argue that putting yourself first is the best approach to life because self-care falls solely on us and no one else. 

Visiting her website, you instantly become mesmerized, gazing at a calming aerial view of the ocean. And then you see her inviting words: “Be SELF-ish with me.” This charming play on words starts to hit home when you realize that Nerestant is speaking to people who need to reconnect with themselves. She aims to prove that we must foster our self-love and nurture ourselves. If that means telling someone “no” and putting yourself first more often, then so be it. And Nerestant is the person to teach you how to do just that. 

Nerestant is one of those captivating people who has a life story that reads like a fiction novel. Some of her experiences sound beyond real. But they are real. Discovering her psychic abilities at a very young age, Nerestant was terrified to reveal her gifts and hid them for many years. Finally, the visions and feelings intensified to a point where she could no longer suppress them. Instead, she embraced her gifts and learned to manage them as she grew older. 

Nerestant is also a trauma survivor, and the percentage of that population is depressingly low. But she is a fighter. There’s something about growing up misunderstood or feeling unwanted or unloved that makes some people tougher than hell. While most concede when others tell them they are broken, fighters like Nerestrant use that negativity to gain momentum. She refused to be another statistic in the failure column of kids who experience trauma. She came out swinging and has never stopped. 

These days, Nerestant spends her time coaching others. If you ask her to describe herself professionally, she’ll use titles such as Medium, Life Coach, and Consultant. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll get a more specific description, such as Self-love Advocate. But when you try to mesh all of her roles into words, you have to include teacher, inspirational speaker, and author. 

Yes! She is also a writer. If there was ever a life story that needed to be told, it’s Krista Nerestant’s. Her journey can serve as an inspiration to those who feel different, unloved, or out of place. And it can be a source of hope for all people who fall victim to trauma.  It’s starting to get easier to understand why Krista Nerestant had to start being self-ish. It was not a lack of concern for others but a self-preservation strategy. 

Her book, titled Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma, will be released, September 8th, and her book launch on Sunday, September 20, 2020, promises to be a celebration of triumph. The festivities are live at Clipper Pavillion in West Orange, New Jersey, from 1 pm – 5 pm EST, complete with live musical performances, keynote speakers, and an author interview and reading. This event is shaping up to be as phenomenal as Nerestrant herself. If you feel the details surrounding Krista’s life journey seem a little vague to this point, you are right. But all the details can be found in the pages of her heart-wrenching yet uplifting book.  Your copy is waiting! 

Do you need to be inspired to be self-ish and discover the best you there is to offer? Take a peek at Nerestant’s website to find motivational podcasts, workshop events, and private sessions. And if you want even more inspiration, log on to the live feed of her book unveiling on September 20th. You can find the link on her website.

If a story of an unbroken spirit who rose and faced every obstacle intrigues you, you can meet this real-life success story among the pages of her book, Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma. This book is for people who want to be inspired by a woman who championed the life she deserved and got it. And if you want to be motivated by a woman who would not change her journey because her hardships made her who she is today, your new heroine is Krista Nerestant. 

Nerestant’s version of being self-ish is far from selfish.  She works every day to help people be their best. Why? Because she understands their pain–without projecting or deflecting–on the most personal level, and offers real solutions for overcoming even their most debilitating obstacles. Don’t you think it’s about time you get self-ish with Krista Nerestant? 

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