How to Beat the Brain Glitch That Could Be Destroying Your Brand

How To Beat The Brain Glitch

Do you ever get trapped in the illusion of comparing your life, your brand, or your  business to someone else’s?

As an entrepreneur, creative artist, visionary, business owner, and leader, it can be so easy to get sidetracked by the success of your peers. Everyone suffers from this at certain parts of their journey in business—especially as you level up to a new circle of influence. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human.

Never beat yourself up over it. Acknowledge it, be grateful for your awareness, and do something to shift it and get back on track—do what successful people do.

We work so hard to share our message, our gifts, our purpose with the world. There is certainly an art to standing out in your peer group and understanding the value you bring to the table among other high achievers. After all, the success of your brand and business is reliant on this major factor.

Recently, I had amnesia. I forgot my worth. I forgot how epic I was.

As unique as my personal story is, as rare as my success so far is, I lost focus and found myself consumed with stats that made others considered a success in the same field as mine. It was a terrible feeling. I felt small, insignificant and unworthy of sharing my thoughts on how to build a powerful brand. Can you relate?

You know how I snapped out of it? Here is what worked.

Trick Your Brain and Do Something New

Find a way to shake your current mind patterning. Somewhere along your journey, you experienced a glitch that distracted you from focusing on what’s currently working for you.

I took some time to myself to explore what made me happy. I changed up my daily routine to trick my mind into focusing my attention elsewhere. I did this by joining and committing to yoga classes three times each week. So far, it’s made a massive difference. I feel grounded, centered balanced and focused on what’s most important to me once again.

What activity can you add to your routine to shake you out of your normal?

Eliminate Doubt and Ask For Feedback

Do a quick survey. Ask those you trust to give you honest feedback. Here are some questions you can ask:

  1. What are the qualities you like most about me?
  2. Why are you interested in what I have to say or share every day?
  3. What makes me unique and different from everyone else?

I asked around to my clients, friends, peers, and other influencers these three questions to understand why they follow me. The feedback was incredible. I rediscovered the beauty that others see in me every day.

Pay attention to the feedback you are given and do not brush off comments such as “your smile is beautiful,” or “I love your laugh.” These are all qualities about you that draw people to you. This information is data you can use to separate you from others. It is your strength. You can accentuate to draw attention to you and your brand.

If you find yourself feeling some doubt about your place in your industry or even in the world, I highly recommend this exercise.

Be Transparent and Share Your Experience

I am a firm believer in being honest, transparent, and authentic with your audience. It builds trust and rapport and is the least stressful way to create a personal brand. When you act true to who you are, more people can relate to you. In the long run, this leads to a more sustainable business around your passions.

As soon as I got a handle on my distraction, I shared what I learned with my tribe. Authenticity is one of the fastest ways to build a powerful brand and stand out from your competitors and peers.

In exploring all three of these hacks, you will quickly rediscover how no one has your story and no one has your heart—no one has been through the obstacles you have, and no one has created the success you have. Commit to these exercises and you will quickly find yourself back on track and focused on taking your brand to the next level.

There is something unique and special about each and every one of us. Out of 7-billion people on Earth, your presence is meant to impact the lives of your unique audience. Remember, we all have moments where we forget our magnificence in this Universe. Never let it linger on. I addressed my situation swiftly and was back on track in no time.

Have you ever compared your Chapter 5 to someone else’s Chapter 10? Tweet me your comments!

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