Beating all odds – The Rishabh Jain Story

Rishabh Jain – founder and CEO of Shiftal has been beating all odds in trading with one of the most misunderstood and underrated assets – Cryptocurrency. Shiftal is a P2P crypto exchange company focussed on shifting trade to the future. Here is the inspiring story of Rishabh Jain and his Shiftal.

Soon after discovering his passion for entrepreneurship, Rishabh Jain took his first baby step with research. In his initial stage of getting to know the what’s and how’s, he recalls having very minimal resources and assistance. Above that, cryptocurrency has, for the most part, been misunderstood by many.

This could be due to the lack of understanding and some misleading industry experts who seemed to have their opinions based on rumors and social media posts. Breaking the ice was one of the toughest challenges that young Rishabh Jain had to overcome.

‘Thinking of starting something so big with minimal investment was a challenge in itself’, Rishabh Jain points out. When he first started Shiftal, it was not an easy task, leave alone advisable, to go for investors. Shiftal was bootstrapped.

RJ (so-called by some of his peers) recalls losing his PlayStation in the bargain. Handling 40+ employees single-handedly without an office was a struggle in itself too.

However, baby Shiftal used to go bankrupt time and again making things more challenging. Being an entrepreneur, creating a brand and maintaining it for the company could get stressful at times. He often had to sell his personal belongings to keep his company alive and going.

Yet another challenge that Young Rishabh had to face came in the form of regulations. Cryptocurrencies and crypto trading are protected by various regulations imposed on them all over the world, which can get very difficult to crack as an amateur.  

Rishabh Jain is someone who sees opportunities in challenges. “India is a Huge country with huge potential and even if we look at market share, we still have a space for ourselves”, he says.

When talking about what sets him unique in the industry, he explains that it is the experience he had gained and the knowledge and opinions his peers and mentors had imparted to him that played a key role in shaping him as a crypto preneur. He also adds that Shiftal follows a customer-centric approach. He describes his exchange to be user-friendly and easy to explore.

Speaking of Crypto, he says, “It is a diverse but a small industry and what some might perceive as competition, we consider as Setting Industry Practice or Benchmark. The trials, errors, gaps is what helps everyone bring out their USPs.”

‘Against all odds, against all logic, we still hope’. But, Rishabh Jain did not just hope. He was consistent and he showed up. With his strategic business mind and sheer perseverance, he has been achieving milestones time and again.

One such milestone was his very first victory, when he made a whopping $300,000 through Crypto trading, over a short span of 6 months. Further, he raised the value of his company from 0.2 Million $ to a whopping 7 Million $, all organically, over a time period of 2 years.

Rishab Jain also brought to light some important updates on Shiftal. Shiftal has been upgraded with some amazing features for the benefit of the users. Shiftal has launched its very own native coin – ShiftalCoin and it will be used in Shiftal exchange.

They have also launched their full-featured mobile app for Android and iOS to give an extra kick to this techno-shift. Also, Shiftal uses TRON blockchain, which makes the processing and transactions real quick and economical.

Owing to his experience and adventures, Rishabh Jain has a myriad of tips and advice up his sleeves. He points out the biggest mistake in Crypto or any trading as not knowing where to invest. He says he would rather bet his money on data than a person telling him to invest.

He adds, “Stop wishful thinking and stop getting influenced. If you have a dream, convert them into a vision or goal and be realistic. Achieving them would be easier. ” He also suggests connecting with people who have been there and done it in order to learn more than just get clarity.

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