Beauty Walks With Humility: Kimone Peart

As the influencer industry expands its fold — style, fashion, and the trend have caught us layered in pride and confidence which is an amazing thing for our society — but among walks, one of these influencers is quite different from the rest.

Where Did She Start?

Kimone Peart, the world has heard that name for its humility, style, pride, and gratefulness in every aspect of her life.

This little kid started with a glare in the eyes for the fashion and iconic feeling the models have on stage and growing up she did her best and finally is there, right in front of her dream.

What’s Her Dream?

But Kimone Peart is no ordinary model/influencer, she has dreams bigger than the oceans and hopes higher than mountains. Someone whose expectations have been let down by her hard work. A true inspiration for the coming era of rising stars, she has proved that anything is possible by living her dream.

Although according to her, she’s still on her way to the bigger sharks in that ocean — Vogue and Elle are the ones she has eyes on and soon she’ll be there.

A Thing for the Outdoors and Indoors!

When she’s not chasing her dreams, she takes on adventures and girl-time out for herself. She likes swimming, rock climbing, running, etc. as outdoor activities, as she told the About Insider. The non-adventure side of her demands shopping, movies, and music.

Her Exceptionally Charismatic Style

One of the most interesting things about her is her style. Our design defines who we are but is not limited to that, KimonePeart uses her style to express her nature as a free-spirited individual, and other times she slams the style with her name all over it and leaves everyone in an awe of what an aroma she possesses in a crowd full of ordinary.

Though we can never know how to define someone by what they wear, you can tell what Kimona Peart is feeling by what she’s wearing that day!

A Peaceful Mind and Body

As a successful model and influencer with a dream, she has to keep her mind and body in peace and she makes sure of that well by working out at home and sometimes at the gym. She believes that sleep is a vital part of practicing peace and restfulness, she uses it to make herself more productive.

As an on-her-way-to-be icon, she fancies some huge designers and brands that help her carry her style. Some of them include FashionNova, Nike, Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs.

Where to Find Her?

On her Instagram, she connects with her followers and her fans who take inspiration from her, and unlike most of the industry, she’s an approachable personality with humility and kindness that spreads far and beyond. You can connect with her on Instagram @mskimona and also at

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