“Beauty with Brain” Female YouTuber Saloni Mittal’s Incredible Success Story

Saloni Mittal is the star YouTuber currently trending on the Internet.

Saloni Mittal is the star YouTuber currently trending on the Internet. Her YouTube channel (Saloni Mittal) has received an overwhelming response from the audience. Every video is admired and appreciated by people from every corner of the world.
Saloni also loves to read the comments she receives from the people and she is thankful to everyone.

Saloni Mittal is a beautiful and talented actress that has struggled a lot to follow her passion of becoming a YouTuber. She is truly an example of beauty with brains!

Since childhood, Saloni was fascinated by the dazzling world of Bollywood. She was a “filmy keeda” inside out. She used to crack jokes, make everyone laugh, and always try to spread happiness all over. In the year 2020, Saloni joined the short video platform. She started giving complete attention to her content. For that, she also had worked late-night. She then realized her passion for acting.

Her parents were supportive of her every decision. She received total support from her parents in whatever work she wanted to do including learning new things, practices as well as academics. They were the true supporting pillars in her life. “My parents never forced me to choose a career instead they were supportive since day one,” Saloni proudly says.

Saloni talked about her early life. Saloni was good in academics. She selected commerce during class 11th as she found interest in these subjects. For her graduation, Saloni selected to pursue a career in that path. However, her interest in these subjects didn’t last for long as she always wanted to do something creative. So she started her education in fine arts. So, after that, she dropped everything and started her own brand under the name of Surprise Worlds, a fine arts business.

This was just a stepping stone for Saloni and she had no plans of stopping there. She used her newfound financial independence and real-world experience to support her dreams. After that, she started modeling. Modeling is something that came naturally to her. Even though When she finally debuted as a professional model, Saloni took the industry by storm. Her natural beauty, both in body and mind shone through and has always kept pushing her forward. Even today, she claims it to be the reason for her constant growth both as a person and as a self-made successful woman.

During the lockdown, instead of picking up any unhealthy habits, Saloni decided to instead utilize her free time by taking to social media. Saloni discovered yet another passion of hers to entertain people, make them laugh by making funny content. It was in her blood since childhood to make everyone smile.

It provided to be a very good way to expand her audience as well as helping her story encourage many young girls, something Saloni is very passionate about. She gains millions of followers on social media in very little time. But Unfortunately, she faced a major medical scare in between and found half of her body and face paralyzed. Doctors advised her to give up hope, but once again Saloni didn’t let others tell her what she could and couldn’t do. Slowly, she healed and once again returned to her work and her fans with full enthusiasm. Within 15 days, She crossed 1 lakh subscribers on youtube.

Saloni Mittal Has a lot to her personality apart from her career also. She is really fond of spending time with kids and she makes sure to visit NGOs where she can support them as well as make them happy by just giving them her company. According to her, the more you offer the more you get back. Dreams are very precious things to people and to achieve them is even more enthusiastic. It is her belief that there is no shortcut to life, Anything that comes easily also goes easy. the hard way is the only way.

Asked about her incredible journey, Saloni says, “In the end, the only thing matters is the love for what you are doing. The important thing which generates the most adrenaline in your body is the only thing you should do in your life. I am truly in love with my life.”

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