Beauty With Brains : Rubal Choudhary

Sometimes no one knows that how a small habit of ours, turns into passion and then into profession, same Happened with Rubal Choudhary. Her habit of writing made her touch great heights in literature field.

Rubal Choudhary is from Gurugram, Haryana. This 21 year old girl is consistently working in the field of writing. Writing was only her habit as her ambition is to pass UPSC and STATE services and become a civil servant. She started writing 2 years ago and was a part of Booksquirrel Publication for 20 months.

She headed THE QUILLING ARENA , a sub brand of Booksquirrel Publication. It’s really surprising that no one writes in Her Home and usually she writes for Self Satisfaction. In her time tenure with the publication she compiled a lot of books, some of them are Sindoor, Moonlight, Devi pujo and many more.

Rubal is an excellent leader and she also got many awards for the same like Inspirational Indian award by Anandshree organization, Real super women 2020 by FSIA, Spectrum Sahitya Award 2020 and many more. She also compiled some of the amazing works which made their way in India Book of records and also entitled as GRANDMASTER by Asia book of records. She was also recognised as AAJ KI WOMANIYA in Taare Zameen Par magazine.

Rubal’s upcoming book is on the way to hit the market. It’s a mixture of quotes and microtales and the title of the book is PURPLE PETALS. She was working from a long time for this one. She said ,
“The only purpose of our life is to be happy but there are moments where we feel dejected and experience the feeling of melancholy. This book is a collection of quotes and microtales describing feelings of every human being. Writing give meaning to our lives, or you may say it’s about understanding each and everything in a depth. Connecting the souls and pouring a magic to life, this read will make you believe in yourself.”

Right now she’s focusing on her studies and side by side she’s the head of AWARDS ARC as well. Her previous compilations were already loved by many and her upcoming book will also be a great one to read.

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