Becoming a Kamala: Dr. Kamala Maddali’s Incredible Journey to Success

With the abundance of autobiographies about wealthy businessmen who rode their connections to success, it’s refreshing to read a story by a professional who worked hard to overcome adversity and rise to the top of her field.

Dr. Kamala Maddali’s first book, Becoming a Kamala, was released in August of this year by Freiling Publishing. The book received strong online acclaim, debuting at #1 on Amazon for Medical Professional Biographies.

Becoming a Kamala is a memoir chronicling all of the experiences that Kamala has lived through. Through the book’s intimate and inspirational lens, she shares her unique perspectives as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a professional, a patient, a humanitarian, and most importantly, as a human being.

The Spark Behind the Book

Kamala is the head of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm, a member of a family that she loves, the mother of a bright eleven-year-old, and the embraced victim of a debilitating condition, and now, she’s sharing her incredible story. “I can tell you, my story involves many rebirths in one life,” she says. “I have navigated my way out of many debacles with sheer willpower and hope.”

Kamala claims that her intended purpose and motivation in writing the memoir is a sincere attempt to chronicle her life experiences by inverting the hourglass. According to her, the decision to do so in book form was influenced by the fact that she did not want to forget any of the challenges she had faced. Becoming a Kamala is a story about rising above our hardships, embracing the ways in which they have shaped us, and finding fulfillment. These difficult painful experiences were powerful formative forces in Kamala’s life, and she wanted to preserve it all, at length and in detail, so that she and her readers could learn and grow from these experiences.

Facing Life Head-On

As Kamala recalls, “I have always faced the challenges of life head-on, facing them all squarely and obtaining all I achieved. Life has thrown me many curveballs. Sometimes even dung balls,” she adds with a chuckle, “but I have faced them all bravely to reach my successes. During the course of my life, and in my reflection on my life, I have learned who I am and who I have been by my own yardstick, not by what the rest of the world believes success is.”

Overcoming Obstacles and Growing

“Whether it was a triumph or a low point, every experience has helped me to become who I am today, and I never want to forget that,” Kamala says. All of her experiences, from failures to successes, have contributed to her transformation, molding her into the respected person and professional that she is today.

As she began to record the past events and present circumstances of her life, Kamala was surprised to realize just how much she’d accomplished, what an extreme dreamer she’d always been, and what a remarkably strong human being she’d become. She stresses that this claim is not pompous, but rather, an act of gratitude. “I feel truly thankful for my achievements and for the circumstances that made it possible for me to reach my goals.”

To All Those Struggling: A Message of Gratitude and Hope

If Kamala’s experiences and lessons can benefit even a small percentage of those who are in the process of fighting for their life, she would consider this book a success. “Most people don’t have things handed to them,” she claims. “I know that for a fact — but we all need to make the most of what is given to us so we can cook with gratitude what we desire.” By changing people’s perspectives on adversity, failures, success, happiness, and fulfillment, she hopes to change lives.

Kamala feels that her story can benefit a wide range of readers. If you’re someone that aspires to bigger things in life, or someone fighting a desperate situation, or even someone simply bored of an ordinary life, Kamala’s journey will move and inspire you.

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