Behind a Successful Society, Stands a Woman Who Gave the Right Financial Advice- Meet Pallavi

Money is seen as a mark of success, a sustaining life force and the driving factor of humanity’s development.

Everybody hails money and needs it, yet sadly, many aren’t good with it. Not because they aren’t intelligent enough or make bad decisions, there just isn’t enough financial awareness. People aren’t much aware of money related things and don’t have anyone that they can trust, who will teach them about it.

It’s in situations like these, where financial influencers can be of great help to the society.

Pallavi, a 33 year old from the city of Mumbai is a banker by profession, and has dedicated her life to raising financial literacy. Her motto is, “Instead of listening to others about money, learn about it yourself.”.

She has set up many programs for the cause and helped hundreds of people.

Even though she has lighted the lamp of financial literacy in many homes, her own journey to reach this point had some dark moments. Fortunately, she wasn’t alone, her partner on this journey was also a blogger and supported each other everytime one of them stumbled.

It was Pallavi’s mother who inspired her to take this path. Pallavi has gotten many lessons and sage advices from her mother, and the one which struck out to her was when her mother explained that an individual can’t truly be independent if they don’t have firm control over their finances. To practice this control, one should be learned in money matters.

Pallavi first learned the ropes herself, and then taught others, so they could benefit too.

An independent India deserves individuals who themselves are freed from the shackles of financial illiteracy.

But some people can’t let good things be. Pallavi is at the receiving end of many problems in a day, some are sceptical about finances and project their fears and insecurities on her. Some take her programs for granted and a handful shamelessly ask for handouts.

Pallavi traverses all this with the help of her faith. She knows that most people genuinely want to learn about such important matters and are thankful for her help; that she shouldn’t let some bad apples spoil her spirit that helps the bunch.

There’s still a long way ahead for Pallavi. She plans on expanding her program and giving financial education to underprivileged women.

In a day, she runs into many people looking for a word of advice, and to them she says, “Do not ever lose hope, one day luck may look your way and make you a king. But waiting on luck is too tiring, therefore take control of your finances, because that is what will propel you forward. Always remember Financial literacy learnt today is helpful tomorrow.”. Follow to know more.

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