Behind The Artist SKULLY SKULLZ

At what age did you realize that you can rhyme and put together a song?

I knew by the age of 16 at least that I could do this, that I can do just like the guys on tv and that I hear on the radio. This is like 2011 so at this time I was highly influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Drake, and Wiz Khalifa.

 How did your mental health interfere with your career as a musician?

This interfered with me a lot over the years, feeling like I wasn’t rising fast enough. Being an artist we tend to fall into dark places at times, where it seems as if you have all these skills and talents but no light to put them to use if that makes any sense… It’s like giving someone Xray vision powers but they are blind. pointless right? (laughs)

How did growing up in Kenner City being less than 10 minutes from New Orleans affect your rise in the music industry?

This, I won’t fully say affected my rise because Kenner artists made a path for themselves. We are constantly overlooked by any industry official that is in the New Orleans area, we rarely get chances, even for artists directly from the main city, I feel they don’t have a fair chance as well, you have to know we have an entertainment city but not the “Music” entertainment scene if that makes sense. Promoters would bring artists from different cities but never highlight their city artists for openings.. crazy right? only in New Orleans.

 If you could do a feature with any 3 artists right now who would it be and why?

Lil Baby, because I feel like I lowkey came up with dude like I watched his rise on some sh*t, I was telling a lot of people that he might be the “New Lil Wayne” on another level, and a year passes and memes are saying the same, deff in my top 3 to work with. Next, I would have to say Drake, instant hit enough said. My third pick would have to be Jesse Reyez, odd right? Nah, the creativity and the distortion in her voice are what makes it magical, definitely need her on a project like YESTERDAY!

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