Behind the Scenes of the #1 YouTube Automation Company in the World

YouTube Automation

Faceless Automated YouTube Channels have become one of the most coveted assets of extremely wealthy, private investors.

And after half a decade long proven track record, the #1 YouTube Automation team in the world just opened up this “digital asset class” to the everyday investor for the first time ever through their new public facing company YouTube Automation (YTA)

Previously, their 140+ person content production team only worked with ultra private partners strictly through word of mouth. But now that their opening up to the public, their results and proven track record have created a long line of investors fighting for a spot.

Their almost unbelievable track record speaks for itself:

  • They have 125+ active partners/investors
  • Their 140+ person team creates 500-700 videos every single day
  • They’re able to guarantee instant monetization for every single investor (meaning investors lucky enough to be accepted start seeing returns on their very first video)
  • Their investors are earning well over $12,000,000/year (and that’s excluding many of their biggest and most private partners who they aren’t at liberty to disclose numbers for)
  • Their videos reached over 1 billion people last year alone and are on track for 2-3 billion views this year

Unlike so many companies nowadays, YTA’s founders don’t hide behind flashy marketing and unsubstantiated claims (in fact, until recently they remained out of the public eye entirely).

But after digging deeper, their results rate isn’t even the most respectable part of the company – it is the heart, mission, talent, and integrity of the company’s founders, Caleb Maddix and Ryan O’Donnell.

Caleb and Ryan are some of the most strategic business minds of this generation and are two business partners and lifelong friends who bonded over their desire to impact kids and solve massive world problems.

But what is more impressive than the multiple 8 figures they’ve generated online or the fact that they created one of the largest private, non government backed, kids education companies on the planet outside of YTA, is their philosophy on business.

They took the Jeff Bezos, Sam Walton, and Steve Jobs approach to business — customers first.

And this isn’t something they just have hanging up on their office wall in Scottsdale, Arizona as a cute mission statement. This is what they obsess on personally and deeply instill in their team every single day.

To ensure that this is implemented into every aspect of their company, they broke down their customer first approach into 2 sectors:

  • Results Rate

Caleb and Ryan set out on a mission to assemble the best talent in the world and create a streamlined process that nearly rigs the results rate and mitigates risk. And based off of their track record and verified stats, they’ve done just that.

And the results rate isn’t something they just talk about. They’ve put their money where their mouth is by spending over 6 figures on trend analysis software that allows them to mathematically predict which videos have the absolute highest probability of going viral (and they’re one of only 3 known people in the world who have access to this software). This is one of the many advantages they have that is responsible for their complete and utter lack of competition in the industry.

The amount of due-diligence they do before creating even a single asset is astounding. They’ve turned YouTube from a kids game into an asset class investors can feel safe investing in.

  • Customer Experience

They wanted to create an experience for their partners beyond just the results and returns they consistently deliver. They set out to reinvent customer service as a whole.

Caleb Maddix described their approach to customer service by stating, “We wanted to get rid of the traditional corporate customer service and form a team that has a job beyond just closing out a ticket. We wanted to create a team whose full time job is to wow our partners and provide them pure white glove service.”

So they threw out customer service and recruited someone from the 5-star hotel, Ritz Carlton to become their full time director of Concierge. Caleb finished by saying, “I hope that other companies are inspired by our example and take our innovative approach to customer service. But the problem is most founders aren’t willing to put that level of obsession into creating a concierge team as they would their sales or marketing team.”

The internet is not going anywhere, anytime soon. This is why some of the world’s smartest investors are now starting to diversify their portfolio by investing into digital real estate.

And these investors know that the most prime digital real estate on the planet takes place on YouTube. After all, it’s one of the most established platforms on the internet, yet it is still early to get in. YouTube’s Ad revenue has been aggressively growing and it’s not on the trajectory to slow down anytime soon.

Let YouTube’s numbers speak for themselves:

2017: $8.15 Billion

2018: $11.6 Billion

2019: $15.15 Billion

2020: $19 Billion

And 55% of all that revenue goes to the owners of these channels and videos. YouTube is beyond happy to pay it because those creators are what bring viewers to the platform and with those viewers comes an endless line of advertisers willing to pay whatever it takes to get in front of them.

Automated faceless YouTube channels like the ones YTA creates is the path for investors to profit from it and see unmatched returns (especially for those investors who approach it from a long term perspective like they urge their partners to do).

If you are interested in learning more about YTA, go to

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