“Being an Author Is a Way of Life” Says Darshan Desale, Author of the Book Manu

Author Darshan Desale talks about his book and his inspirations,

In childhood, I used to watch Ramayana-Mahabharata on television. My reading was also good. I read a lot of stories. And since then, I have developed an interest in mythology. I was attracted not only to Hindu mythology but also to other mythologies. And in mythology, I found some great divine things, gods and demons, universe, the parallel universe, spaceship, space traveling and many more like this and it was shocking for me.

And that’s where my research started. My reading increased. My time was running out to find evidence of what is the truth, what is half-truth? And it increased my knowledge, curiosity about certain things, and it has survived to this day. I realized that mythology is not as simple as we look at it. And with a new perspective, I looked at mythology and I found it like a hidden treasure. And since then, my outlook on life has changed.

I started to enjoy mythology. and my curiosity is also the reason for it. With this Curiosity, my wild Imagination power, or Maybe insufficient knowledge about universe or life inspired me to write. Since childhood I’m curious child, but I didn’t get answers of my question.

So, I decided to search it on my way. And mythology gives me all the answers. I found whole new perspective towards life, universe and mythology. and then I decide to share my opinion with other from my novel MANU.

Talking about the qualities an author should possess and how he thinks that an author should not be put into any kind of lenses or scale as an author should set free “See, I don’t like to fit the author into any definition. The author must always be free. If he is bound in any definition or mould, his imagination will never be able to fly. So, he must be free. But I will say You don’t have to force yourself to write. Writing must have done inflow. I will say, if you have to write something, write it for yourself. Don’t write for others.

Don’t think you cannot write a story. The more you write, the more mistakes you make, the better your writing will be. And once you sit Down to write then, don’t think about, what will I write next? How will I end the story? Most of the time, I even don’t know what will happen next in my story. It’s suspense for me too.

And for me, that’s the real fun of writing. I enjoy that process. I never focus on output. And when you enjoy your writing, it automatically gets better. Just enjoy the process. The next thing will automatically happen inflow. If you have that Gift. Just Enjoy your writing process.”

As an author, Mr. Desale talks about the hurdles he faced in his journey “I consider myself lucky that I didn’t have any problems to becoming an author. Yeah, I just got a little difficult for me to get a publisher because I was a new and young writer. And initially I have Lack of Confidence. But as I began to write, my confidence grew.”

The author goes ahead and shares his insights “A French novelist Gustave Flaubert said, “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” Writing frees you mind and your ideas, letting them out of your head. The essence of writing is the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with the world around you.

Because You Want to Tell Someone Something. Maybe that person knows it or don’t know it. Or you found some mysterious secret and you want to share it. See, as I say before I don’t like to fit the author and writing into any definition. Writing must be done in flow. Whatever you write in flow it’s a good writing.”

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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