Bella Blaq Releases Hot New Single “IDK” Produced By Multi-Platinum Grammy-Nominated Producer Epikh Pro

Following up on her previous smash single “Booty” that went viral with over 250 million streams on TikTok, “IDK” is a track with an inspiration that stems from a place of releasing negativity and embracing the moment that we have in front of us. Since its release, the TikTok star “@bellablaq” has already attracted a whopping 10.2 million streams on the famous social network with her newest release.

Confident in her melanin skin dripped with pinup flares, Bella’s creativity continues to become noticeable through her latest single. With “IDK,” she comes off with a solid and fearless attitude that is set to take the music industry by storm. Her fans are already loving the song all across major streaming platforms. 808s are rumbling throughout the song with a trumpet sample buzzing to keep the fun theme going in each verse.

Since the beginning of the year, Bella has been rising the rankings on TikTok, and the views on all her content are impressive. Her ability to be fun and serious simultaneously is what makes her a diva.

Bio: Bella Blaq

Hailing from Georgia, Bella Blaq is a hip-hop/rap artist whose love for music, particularly hip-hop, became crystal clear when she was the age of 14. Since then, she has released several songs that have made it wide on the internet, with her latest single being “IDK,” released on November 16. The song was produced by his long-time producer Epikh Pro, who also produced Bryson Tiller’s hit single “Don’t,” Cardi B’s “Backing It Up,” and so many other tracks.

Bella Blaq’s “IDK” single is now available on all digital music streaming platforms through TGMG. To stay up to date with Bella Blaq, follow her on all her socials

Twitter: @thebellablaq

Instagram: @TheBellaBlaq

Tiktok: @BellaBlaq


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