Benefits of Buying Velcro Footwear for Senior People

No matter how old you are, you want comfortable shoes when going out on a dinner, adventure, jogging or walking, shopping, or some other purpose. As you age, you even start to struggle to put on your shoes. Often, you require someone’s help or sound support to wear them. It becomes like a task.

So, it is natural to look for a pair of shoes that are comfortable on your feet and easy to wear. If you are a senior or have someone elderly at your home, consider the option of Velcro shoes. These are not the typical shoes you come across in the market. But they can be enormously advantageous.

Why Buy Velcro Shoes for Aging People?

Listed below are some of the reasons why Velcro shoes are a preferred choice for aging people:


Aging brings a lot of changes to the feet. Swelling and other conditions become a regular thing. Winter and summer months can also play a significant role in the shape and size of your feet.  Due to this, you need a shoe that allows you to adjust it. You cannot expect much flexibility with shoes with laces.

You can tie them loose or tight based on your need. Still, it doesn’t feel easy. Simultaneously, it calls for extra efforts, which can be too complicated for an aged person. You may get exhausted while taking them on and off to adjust the laces. With velcro shoes for elderly, you don’t have to bother about these things.

Comfort & Support

With laces, you get neither a broad scope for motion nor the ease of tying them loose or tight. But Velcro adult shoes emphasize comfort over bells and whistles. Since seniors need comfortable shoes that they can wear all day long hassle-free, these footwear types can be a massive relief for them. They can also expect their natural motion to find support. To be more precise, it tightens efficiently without being too snug around your ankles, due to which you get excellent stability.

Easy to Wear and Remove

With age and medical conditions, your fingers become weak and less agile. As a consequence, you find it challenging to tie the laces. You worry about loosening or tightening them because of the kind of labor for your age it demands. But you don’t have to think about these with Velcro straps. It is comparatively much more handy and easy to use.

Like with any footwear, you need to ensure a few things even with this pair of shoes for maximum comfort and support. For example, choosing the correct width is crucial as it can impact the fitting. Opt for something with optimal width. After all, you don’t want to face any challenge with your feet during summer when they tend to expand.

Another thing is the thickness of the sole. A thicker sole will provide adequate cushion for your feet, absorbing maximum pressure created at the time of walking. Besides, it should protect against slip and fall; something seniors suffer the most when their health and mobility deteriorate. For this, you can focus on the traction part of it.


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