BeNFT Unveils Revolutionary AI ChatBot: Transforming Project Communications and Redefining Community Management

BeNFT is almost ready to release their new AI Chatbot that may revolutionize the way crypto projects handle communications and moderate their communities. The AI Chatbot can be trained on a project’s documents (whitepaper, github, website, etc.) in order to answer questions from community members instantly, and often with more accuracy and speed than the team itself. BeNFT’s AI Chatbot can be placed directly into a project’s website, discord, or telegram channels, potentially freeing up the community moderators to conduct the more entertaining aspects of community management like posting crucial memes and hosting game night. 

The AI Chatbot is only part of the picture for the BeNFT platform. It is primarily an education-based platform. But rather than use my own research and writing skills to explain what their project is, I’m going to use BeNFTs new project chatbot to illustrate both aspects of the project at once. 

But what does the Learn Engine have to do with an AI Chatbot? The BeNFT platform is essentially a ‘learn and earn’ model. The education side of the platform has AI tutors, Avatars, personalized learning and courses. They have a freemium model so anyone can jump on and learn. When we zoom out to look at the larger picture, the AI Chatbot helps the machine learn what users are communicating to those projects, what their inquiries are, and what are the frequently asked questions. The AI Chatbot makes it so the Learn engine will be trained on what is happening right now in the web3 space. Many have learned that AI models lack current and up to the minute knowledge, but BeNFT has found a way around that deficiency. 

The education system is broken, and most agree students of any stage take courses and directions that are just not useful or relevant. BeNFT helps students streamline their own education. For example, say a student wants to go into Web3 marketing. BeNFTs AI assisted learning platform will help the student by recommending courses on how to improve their own personal skill set, rather than a generic bullet point list of recommended subjects for that career. The platform is also gamifying education by tying in platform rewards through the utility token $BEAI.

Sometime in mid-July, this Chatbot will be available for projects to insert into their own communities. All companies and brands will be able to place the BeNFT AI Chatbot into their own platforms to seamlessly integrate and optimize their operations, increase retention, decrease human error, and improve efficiency. 

The AI Chatbot could be used in simple NFT projects to complex DeFi platforms. It is not limited to Web3 of course, and any Web2 brand could use the features. The point is, the AI Chatbot simply needs to be fed all of a project’s documents, and it is then able to answer community questions with ease. We’ve all seen projects with 50-page whitepapers or GitHub’s with so many entries it would take months to read them all. The AI Chatbot will have all that information available and will dissect the complex information that’s repetitive or overlapping then present it in a manner that’s 100% accurate. Users just need to ask the Chatbot what they want to know about the project.

BeNFTs AI Chatbot is programmed in a manner that does not go out of context, which is extremely important when using it as a tool. For example most chatbots we use today can access information from anywhere which also gives them the potential to go on information tangents, losing focus. The proprietary BeNFT AI chatbot will only be programmed and trained on information that is specific to the projects that are using it. 

To wrap up, I asked the BeNFT AI Chatbot one of the most frequently asked questions in community chat groups:

The BeAI support assistant handled the question perfectly, hitting all relevant aspects of the $BEAI token. Any project founders that have read this far simply want to know how to sign up at this point. Moe, the Project CMO, says they are aiming for mid-July and there will be announcements and updates on the BeNFT website very soon. Moe also dropped a little teaser and let us know that in addition to the AI Chatbot, the team already has an AI voice assistant in production. 


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