Best And Proven Methods To Increase Engagement With Instagram Reels

Are you looking for some practical ideas to increase user engagement with Instagram Reels? If so, you are reading the right article. You might be wondering why use reels when you have other Instagram features and options. Well, Instagram Stories content lasts for only 24 hours and IGTV videos are long-form content that requires editing and production.

Instagram Reels, on the contrary, are short-form video content that is live on your account for an indefinite period. Though you can present them as a series, every video content stands alone in the social media feed.

According to an article published in Forbes, when it comes to brands, Reels attract more engagement than other content forms on Instagram.

Instagram is the best way to share funny videos, behind-the-scenes visuals for your brand. Here are some of the best, proven ways to increase engagement with Instagram Reels:

Make the best use of native Reels to develop awesome content

When it comes to IG Reels, it has music, editing tools, as well as visual effects so that you can create awesome video content that pops. The experts in the industry recommend the use of native Reels. Using this feature will help boost your brand exposure if you use it regularly. All tools on this social media app are relevant to Reels.

You need to boost the reach of your Reels content and therefore, try recording, editing, and including music and visual effects to make your content stand out from the rest. You need to tweak the videos within the IG app instead of sharing videos you have shot somewhere else.

Leverage creative transitions and edits to build engagement

You may think that a mere 15 seconds is sufficient for a user to watch any video, but then humans did prove that 15 seconds could a couple of times be too long to spend in an uninteresting video.

Therefore, you need to ensure that viewers watch your Reels content for a long time. You can do so by incorporating some interesting, creative transitions and edits to ensure more people watch your content for more time, thus building increased engagement.

Edits mean simple things like starting and stopping the video recording to form a cut. A cut means a simple yet sudden transition from one scene to the other. You can use it to reposition yourself in front of the camera, record the video from a different angle, and even zoom in on yourself or the subject of a video.

The little jump ensures that eyes are focused on the content that keeps users engaged with Reels content for a long time. More engagement means more Instagram likes and comments.

As far as transitions are concerned, they are a bit trickier, as you are trying something more than doing a simple cut from one scene to the other. You may try to move one scene to the next smoothly or try a transition that tricks the human eye and keep users keep watching the video to figure what happens next. It is like a cliffhanger that makes you want to watch the next episode of a web series immediately.

Attract Instagram viewers instantly

Just as videos on other social media channels, your IG Reels content should grab the attention of your audience in the first couple of seconds. You would like to say or do something that attracts viewers’ attention and pulls them to your Reel content right away.

It could be anything like flashing text, a sticker, or some engaging content right on the top edge. It could be the first few words out of your mouth. There are multiple ways to attract audience attention. The options are endless when it comes to Instagram Reels.

Some people use their hands, text, or stance to end the scroll on their Instagram Reels. You can use some special music and visual effects to grab the attention of your audience.

Make the best use of question-answers in your IG Reels

As far as content ideas are concerned, the sky is the limit provided you can use your creativity. You can Reels to answer some questions, which is the best way to keep people coming back to your brand and ask for more.

At the end of your Reels content, integrate a call-to-action or CTA so that users can leave some questions for your brand in the comments section. This way, you will have several content ideas for your Reels videos.

All you need to do is choose a question from one of the user comments and use the same to develop the content for subsequent Reels videos. This strategy will give some relevant content so that you can keep your audience engaged. They will come back to you to see what answers you have provided for the questions.


Instagram has many features, but the new features gain prominence and shoved into the IG feeds faster than the old features or options. Keep these tips in mind to make your Instagram Reels content pop.


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