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Bodybuilders and sport performance athletes are generally admired for their super huge bodies and steal-breaking power. What’s even popular about them is that they commonly resort to drugs for the changes they seek significantly and rapidly.

Generally, these changes revolve around the boost in muscle growth and increase in training capacity. Besides, it isn’t uncommon for them to take formulas that can help with that perfect chiseling needed through fat burning.

SARMs stand for selective androgen receptor modulators that fall under the category of drugs favoring these fitness freaks. These are compounds that connect with androgen receptors and promote protein synthesis. Protein synthesis in turn, contributes to the recovery, growth and strength of muscles.

It is interesting to note that SARMs were unintentionally discovered during drug testing for prostate cancer. However, it was later validated ineffective for the cancer but promising for mass gaining and fat loss.

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SARMs and anabolic steroids are generally confused as the same. This is because they share great similarities when it comes to the performance, strength, and muscle-enhancing effects of these substances.

As these stay on the same page for the benefits they surround, they stand pole apart on a molecular ground. Some clear-cut differences that sketch a line between SARMs and anabolic steroids are:

1- The anabolism (ability to promote muscle and strength growth) effects of SARMs was uncovered in the late 1990s. Their popularity skyrocketed in the recent times, with some claiming them to be the ‘new steroids’ in town. On the contrary, the use of anabolic steroids has been popular since the 1950s era.

2- Both these agents bind to the androgen receptors that result in influencing the DNA and leading to muscle growth. However, the use of steroids can be too intimidating considering their all-embracing effects on other body areas. SARMs are particular while aiming at the tissue. It is for this reason; they focus on the muscles without triggering a similar set of responses.

3- Steroids comprise of natural and artificial androgens that are intended to offer different anabolic androgenic effects. SARMs object exclusive receptors for an augmented reaction in contrast.

4- In the majority of countries, the use, sale, and purchase of steroids are banned. But these are generally available through the black market. SARMs are yet to receive approval from FDA. But these substances are unlawfully promoted and sold by camouflaging their image as dietary supplements. Despite that, their consumption is forbidden in every sport

5- The benefits encompassing the prevention of muscle wasting and boost in bone density have come convincing while testing SARMs. Yet, more research is needed to establish a concrete idea about its actual properties. On the other hand, the effects of steroids are long corroborated by authentic researches

6- Anabolic steroids are way more harmful than SARMs as it changes the hormone levels. But that does not make SARMs any health-friendly to the users. It also comes with its set of nasty effects that are many times, fatal to some


Even when SARMs are limited with their ability to focus the tissues of muscles and bones, they can, and have been found to generate side effects similar to anabolic steroids. As per the scientists, SARMs can cause some fatal reactions and one good example of it is liver toxicity.

As per FDA representatives, it can multiply the chances of heart attack and stroke, whereas researchers are still investigating the long-term complications it can cause.

Considering the risks it involves and the threat of lethal upshots, one can never justify its fitness promoting effects. It is therefore, the use of SARMs is highly discouraged for human consumption except for the medicinal exceptions like steroids.


Brutal Force is a home of some highly, researched-based dietary supplements that recreate the properties of some very popular anabolic steroids. These dietary formulas serve a purpose that allows sportsmen to push their limits while bulking, cutting, and strengthening fast.

Essentially, every dietary supplement coming from the Brutal Force banner is an all-organic blend of naturally extracted ingredients. These ingredients are chosen after decades of research to ensure safety along with results through their meticulous concentrations.

Initially, Brutal Force stepped into the performance-enhancing drug market with its set of natural steroids. However, their amazing response compelled its researchers to come up with a quality alternative for SARMs as well.

Of late, the team behind Brutal Force launched the three very promising counterparts of SARMs. The dietary supplements RADBULK, OSTABULK, and ANDALEAN are the natural replication of TESTOLONE R, OSTARINE, and ANDARINE.

These are extremely potent for delivering their respective bulking, strength and cutting powers through ingredients that go easy on your health.
Besides, these are:
1- 100% natural and safe
2- Legal for buying
3- Involves oral usage and no injections
4- Best for engorgement, fat loss, and strength
5- Deliver massive and faster results
6- Free shipping
7- Every third item Free
8- Protected by 100 Days Money Back Guarantee
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RADBULK steps with its insane muscle growth and strength-building powers akin to the benefits associated with TESTOLONE. The breakthrough formula intends to give you the edge you need to maximize your efforts in the gym.

Essentially, the bulking agent promotes solid growth of muscles that appear clean from fats. It equally heightens up your stamina levels so that you can endure extreme training pressure for faster amassing.

Surefire benefits of RADBULK are:
1- Helps you grow thicker and wider
2- Works for dense and lean muscle growth
3- Supercharges workouts through tireless stamina
4- Intensifies vascularity, endurance and muscle recovery process
5- Adds to your size while ensuring the adequate removal of fats for a well, sculpted look

Ingredients that work for RADBULK are:
1- Acetyl-L-carnitine: The ingredient is the energy producing engine in this natural alternate of Testolone
2- Choline Bitartrate: It improves muscle performance, movement and efficiency
3- Wild Yam: It stimulates the growth of muscle building hormones for higher growth
4- DMAE Bitartrate: This is a real performance enhancing agent for its ability to improve the making of energy in muscles
5- Safflower seed extract: It lowers the accumulation of fat whereas it is also found to add size


OSTABULK centers its attention towards giving wild and raw stamina for you to put your 100% percent in workouts. However, its effects do not limit to the increase in energy but also extend to the removal of unwanted fats.

OSTABULK activates the making of testosterone; hence, it actively works to enhance the volume of muscles. With the needed fat burning coupled with muscle growth like OSTARINE, it preps you to experience those spectacular, chiseled muscles by the end of its cycle.

Benefits that come your way through OSTABULK are:
1- Ensures the supply of stamina surpasses the demand
2- Leads to higher muscle growth supplemented with firmness
3- Paces fat burning for a leaner, cleaner appearance
4- Improves muscles to fat ratio
5- Fastens recovery and helps with endurance

Ingredients that give OSTABULK its powers are:
1- Vitamin B6: It metabolizes protein, which makes it the most favorite among sportsmen and mass gainers
2- Vitamin D3: It paces recovery while adding to the muscle protein and muscle fibers
3- Magnesium: It improves muscle movement and flexibility, assisting a smooth workout throughout
4- Zinc: It supports the making of muscle-building testosterone
5- D-Aspartic acid: It also adds to the production of Ts and so, deliver bulking, cutting and strength effects at the same time


ANDALEAN steps as a savior for athletes and bodybuilders willing to embark on quality and result-based cutting cycle. It is a pure cutting agent similar to ANDARINE and can deliver related effects including the retention of muscles.

In addition to eradicating the unnecessary fat hiding your hard-earned muscles, the formula is also structured to unleash physical power. Together with those razor like cutting powers and strength boosting properties of ANDALEAN, you can built a body striking enough to draw attention.
Benefits that accompany the use of ANDALEAN ARE:
1- Sets visceral & subcutaneous fat on fire
2- Gives an absolute protection to the muscles while torching fats
3- Builds stamina and gives a lift to your physical energy
4- Boosts endurance for those long, crazy workout sessions
Ingredients that recreate the effects for ANDALEAN are:
1- Soy Protein Isolate: By supplying a healthy dose of protein, soy protein isolate aid fat loss
2- Whey Protein Isolate: This is another ingredient that cut fat through increasing the intake of protein
3- Wild Yam: Yam is a source of fiber and fiber promotes satiety, which turns into a great technique for people willing to bring down their fat levels
4- BCAA: It gets on board to shield your muscles during fat burning while equally playing its part to attack fat


SARMs bundle is based on the combination of RADBULK, OSTABULK and ANDALEAN. This amalgamation is designed for stacking purpose, which is a practice generally followed by pro athletes and mass gainers.

Stacking is equivalent to substantial results and is often carried out to expedite things up. By using these natural alternatives of SARMs in conjunction, you can:
 Pack on muscles
 Strengthen your muscles
 Increase your energy
 Boost your endurance
 Reduce your recovery time
 Burn fat and preserve muscles
 Enhance muscle to fat ratio
 Break plateau with ease
In a nutshell, you can multiply the effect and quantity of benefits, while ensuring it takes lesser time than the usual amount of time it takes to experience these perks!
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The answer to this question is very much definite for people that have grasped the actual essence of this write-up. You need to prefer SARMs alternatives against SARMs because:
1- It is a natural, absolute safe and promising option in opposition
2- The use is legal and easy accessible through its official website
3- No risk of overdoses or counterfeit substances when ordered through its authorized source
4- It is approved by FDA and granted used for fitness related purposes
5- It is a mild formula that does not mess up with your natural system in any way or form
6- Its effects are as impressive, comprehensive and fast

Nothing triumphs over a choice offering safety along with the results pushing you closer to your goals. And this is very much relevant to the natural alternatives of SARMs that do not demand you to adjust with the aftermaths that are generally tagged on with those harsh performance enhancers, prohormones, anabolics and of course, SARMs.

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