Best CBD Gummies — Ultimate Buyer’s Review

CBD oils are amazing, aren’t they? They can fight inflammation, alleviate pain, minimize stress, treat epilepsy, reduce anxiety, and so much more. Countless people are turning to CBD for its health benefits without getting high.

However, as much as CBD oils work, the process of taking them is not always enjoyable. Not that it is unpleasant, by any means; it’s just that sometimes it can taste funny or take a bit longer to kick in. Fortunately, CBD products also exist in edible form as gummies: flavorful, efficient, and easy to consume discreetly.

The CBD industry is still unregulated, though, which means you need to be careful when shopping for gummies just the same as you are when looking for oils and tinctures. You need to find out if they are made from hemp grown with pesticides or contain little to no actual CBD. Here are a few of the most recommendable brands:

Verma Farms

Verma Farms is a newer player on the CBD landscape, but it does the things necessary for cannabidiol brands to do: it never uses pesticides, it’s transparent about its farming practices, and it posts its Certificate of Analysis online. With gummy flavors like Maui Melon, Blueberry Wave, and Peachy Pau Hana, Verma Farms has already received great reviews from customers.

One of the perks of CBD gummies is that you can take them anywhere. It would look a bit conspicuous if you dropped a dose of a tincture under your tongue at work, but gummies allow you to reap CBD benefits whenever you need them.

Research says that gummies even have advantages over oils and tinctures. When you use CBD oil, the molecules need to pass through your glands before finding their way into your bloodstream. You will feel the effects of CBD from gummies much quicker, however, because it enters your bloodstream from your digestive system. Oils and tinctures are known to last longer, though, so it’s an even trade depending on what products you are using—you just need to decide what is right for you at the time.

Not Pot

Not Pot’s brand is fun to look at: it’s colorful, playful, and reaffirms that its products won’t get you high. Not Pot does not put its third-party lab tests on its site, which is a caveat, but its full-spectrum strawberry-flavored gummy bears cost $.13 per milligram, and you can even purchase a subscription package for 10 percent off each month.

One of the best things about Not Pot, though, is that it is intent on respecting the planet and other people. Its gummies are vegan, and it’s rare to find gummy options that do not contain gelatin—especially in the CBD industry. The company is also partners with The Bail Project, making an effort to educate people about and combat mass incarceration. The ACLU reports that Black people are 3.73 times more likely than White individuals to be arrested for having marijuana despite equal usage rates. In a world where cannabis-derived products are becoming increasingly legal and in demand, it is vital to prevent and overturn unjust marijuana convictions.  


Purekana also provides a rare example of vegan gummies. Bottles come with 20 25-mg gummies (500mg per bottle total), which are excellent for relaxing after a long day. Purekana is all about transparency, so each product lists its exact ingredients and their quantities. There aren’t many other gummy options on the site, but the edibles Purekana does offer are potent and delicious.


Fab CBD’s vegan gummies—which cost $.08 per milligram—are known for being tasty. According to, “Flavor is a common complaint about CBD gummies. Many people who try non-flavored or mildly flavored gummies report a bitter, unpleasant aftertaste. Gummies from FAb CBD are a notable exception.” Fab CBD’s flavors are made from concentrated carrot, pumpkin, apple, and black currant, which are unique varieties that are intended to mask CBD’s signature “earthy” taste.

Green Roads

Green Roads is one of the most popular brands out there. It’s transparent about its sources and is known to provide high-quality products in an array of forms and tastes. Their gummy selection even includes different shapes, such as bears, frogs, and fruit bites, which are sometimes tailored to a particular use (such as relaxation, relief, and sleep). Green Roads’ products are compounded and formulated by a licensed pharmacist, so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest-quality stuff.

CBD gummies can be hard to shop for. You want potent products that taste delicious, but you also want them from a reputable company that uses organic hemp that won’t be detrimental to your health. Which brand will you try first for CBD edibles?

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