Best Ideas To Prioritize Rooms When Painting Your Home This Season

Applying fresh coats of paint to your rooms and walls is a complicated project. You will have to shift pieces of furniture, protect flooring, prepare the room walls, and cover furniture. If you have decided to paint your entire property, it is best if you think strategically. You will not be able to use the important spaces and rooms for some time. Again, you will need to deal with paint smells and fumes.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, when it comes to bedroom colors, choose the shades that educe calmness and warmth. It is also essential to prioritize rooms when painting your whole house. Here is how:

Start with the bedroom and bath

It is always best to start painting the bedroom first, especially the master bedroom. That is because you can settle back fast into your usual lifestyle and living. Do not forget the master bathroom, which should be painted after the bedroom is done.

Once you have the newly painted ready for a good night’s sleep, it is time to focus on the bathrooms. When you know you have a place to rest at night and bath facilities, you will not feel like camping in the living room.

Once the bed and bath are painted, you can go to bed and wake up in your peaceful haven in the morning.

Focus on the kitchen

The kitchen is the next place to start painting once the bedroom is complete. That is because you cannot live in a house that has an inoperable kitchen. The painting of your cooking space will take a day and therefore, you can manage some healthy salad and soups from takeaway restaurants for a day. Then, if you want to learn more about painting the kitchen, you can hire a professional house painter from Infinity Painting.

Prioritizing the kitchen will make the space operable again the next day so that you can toss up home-cooked, healthy, tasty meals for your family and kids. Now, you have the master bedroom, bath, and kitchen ready for living comfortably. It will inspire you to move on to the next part of your home.

Paint the laundry room

You can take up the laundry room after painting the kitchen. It is a small room and the contractor can finish the job quickly. It will not even take an entire day. It is not a high-priority space and therefore, you need not worry about it. Make sure you put all your used clothes in a separate room, in a laundry basket. Else, the clothes will reek of paint smell.

Do not forget the living room

This is a room,which will take a long time to finish painting. Therefore, you need to prepare accordingly. The living room is a huge space and you need to shift more furniture to the other rooms for making the painting job easier and faster. It is a room to can make the painting process disruptive and therefore, you need to paint the living room last.


Now that you know how to prioritize rooms when painting your whole house, things will become easier for you and your family. Focus on the bedroom and bath first though.

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