Best Influence Marketing Tips for Arts/Crafts Business

You can have the best product at competitive prices but still not build a profitable business out of it if you don’t know the ways to advertise or promote it. Marketing your business would require a certain amount of skills and the right mindset.

However, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before starting the hustle to build your brand.

  1. Know your audience: You need to gather all the data there is to determine the psychology of your customer. Firstly, you will have to build a target audience. Be niche-specific. You might think that being niche-specific may not generate as many sales, but that is not the case. If you can promote your brand to a specific set of customers, you can get huge profits out of your business. You should ask yourself questions like what age is my set audience? What style do they have? Or how much would they be willing to spend on a product like yours?
  2. Differentiate your product: Be unique. If your product is the same as the hundreds of products in the market, why would a customer prefer yours? You can include specific materials or give it some signature style. In short, give more value for lower prices.
  3. Be patient and learn along the process: Setting up a successful business is a long process so, you have to be patient. You cannot be in this for the short run. As you grow, you will learn about new stuff. Try to improve your business with the experiences you have had, and continue to learn more and more along the process.

Marketing Tips for Crafts Businesses

Build an e-commerce store: The importance of an online store is evident in the current situation of the covid 19 Pandemic, so having an online presence is absolutely crucial. An online website enables you to take orders 24/7, from anywhere in the world, track them, get customer details, etc.

Due to an e-commerce store, your customer can easily order products sitting in their homes, offices, etc. When you market yourself online, you can always give a link back to your online store.

Social media marketing: Social media is one of the most feasible platforms to market yourself in today’s day and age. It is the ultimate medium to set viral trends. Take Diamond Painting Art as an instance. It was due to the social media platforms that Diamond art gained popularity and attracted DIY crafters from all around the world.

You can also market yourself through social media platforms and if your product is good enough, you might create a viral trend similar to All Diamond Painting. You can use many social media platforms including: 

  • Facebook– It takes minutes to set up a Facebook page. Make a page, share it with your friends and family, and let the audience know about the business that you’ve started. Try to promote your page on art and crafts groups, where your target audience may like your products.
  • Instagram– You can make an Instagram account, with an interesting Instagram handle where you can attract much of the young audience.
  • Pinterest-This particular platform is a visual business. Try uploading the best photos you have of your products. It will help you build an audience at first and customers later.
  • Youtube– You can create video tutorials and how-to videos about the craft your business is about. You can feature your products and encourage the viewers to buy them from you.

Email marketing: This is a marketing strategy that allows you to keep your customers updated and connect with them on a personal level. Through the email newsletters, you can keep them informed about any upcoming events, competitions, or any additions that you are doing to your crafts business. Try to be friendly in your emails but have a boundary of professionalism.

Create a blog/website: A blog can prove to be very effective for promoting your products. It will help you build a loyal following of the people that are interested in your products. You can write stories behind products and tell them about the innovations you did. If you have an e-commerce store, you can link it to your blog and drive the traffic towards your store.

Online forums: You can join online craft forums that have like-minded people who will be interested in buying your product. You should interact with it’s members to let them know about yourself and your business. Make them believe that you are a legitimate personality. Later you can provide a link to your products.

Reach out to influencers: You can reach out to famous personalities on any platform. They could be lifestyle bloggers or may have something to do with the hobby and crafts industry. You can also send them PR packages to review, and you can target their audience and bring them back to your website.

Market yourself at events/festivals: There may be an event, a concert, or a social gathering of any kind, in your city (with your target audience). Try to attend them all and market your products there. Customers love live interactions. It will be the perfect opportunity for you to build a connection and trust with your clients. Along with that, you might as well sell some of your products.

Share your story: Tell your audience the idea behind starting a business or how your interest developed in the crafts industry. You can share the success of your business over time or the problems you faced at the beginning of your journey. It will enable your audience to relate with you and build a strong emotional connection, which will later turn into loyal customers for a lifetime.

Diamond Painting Comes into the Picture

Diamond painting is a comparatively new craft hobby that is gaining popularity from all around the world. Its trends skyrocketed since the pandemic began back in 2019, and it was adopted as a hobby by millions of crafters across the globe.

Now, if you observe the growth in its popularity, it was the result of perfect marketing strategies. As a crafter sitting in one part of the world, shared their progress of a Diamond Painting Art, it intrigued other DIY artists in some other part of the world.

As the whole world was locked down, people were desperately searching for new hobbies, with diamond painting there as a perfect pastime. Now the online shop owners played their part perfectly.

As they saw the newly growing hobby and increase in its demand, they used the opportunity to their advantage and manufactured different kinds of diamond painting kits. People started to buy from online stores, and gradually more and more marketplaces for diamond painting continued to grow.

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