Best-Selling Author and CEO Mark MinardExplains the Importance of Elevating Your Life

Mark Minard has spent the last 15 years operating Dreamshine, a business designed to change the lives of people with special needs. However, before he started that business, he was just your average guy trying to pave the way for himself. Having experienced multiple challenges throughout his young adult years, he would find himself in jail while wondering what move to make next to improve his situation.

Determined to overcome the struggle of spending time in jail and passionate about helping other people improve their way of living, he decided to start a business with his sister, Amy, ultimately becoming the CEO of Dreamshine. The journey to creating a business offering welcoming and educational programs to people with special needs has been an incredible one for him that has opened the doors to other opportunities. In addition to running the business, he has since become a best-selling author and the host of an iTunes Top 10 podcast, Elevating Beyond.

While hoping to inspire others with a story of overcoming adversity and putting the past behind him to look forward to a brighter, more financially stable future, Mark Minard had this to say, “When I went to jail at 17, I wasn’t prepared for what was coming my way. However, I quickly learned to elevate myself above the circumstances. I realized I never wanted to end up back in jail again, so I made it a priority to get myself out of trouble and get on the right track to success.”

Although having success meant building a business from scratch, it’s something he was ready to do. “The idea of helping special needs individuals with life skills, job training, and other activities that can improve their quality of life sat well with me, so I decided to start the business with my sister in hopes of making a difference. I can proudly say that we’ve accomplished many goals over the past 15 years and look forward to what the future has in store for Dreamshine.”

As he continues putting his time and effort into creating new programs and providing the professional assistance that special needs individuals can use to their advantage, he’s also focused on helping other people learn how to win in business. He encourages those with businesses, whether they’re just starting or have been operating a struggling company for years, to work on mastering the art of leadership to succeed.

“I created an audiobook to help entrepreneurs on their journey. It’s raw, unfiltered, and gets straight to the point, and I believe that is what people like most about me, in general. I’m willing to tell it like it is without sugarcoating things,” “The audiobook touches on many topics, including the truth about work/life balance and how to get better at finances, handling conflict, and branching out. I have a lot of experience in business and want to share my knowledge with others who can put it to good use” says Minard.

Mark Minard continues to help entrepreneurial hopefuls through his podcast and keynote speaking events while teaching others how to elevate and live their best lives.

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