Best-Selling Author Peter Sage Shares Habits That Opened the Door to Success for Him

Peter Sage is a mentor, speaker, and author responsible for the positive shift in the mindsets of thousands of individuals. He has written the best-seller manual to counter adversity, The Inside Track, which, along with awards, has won him tremendous appreciation across the world.

His speeches on global platforms and thought-provoking video content have enabled him to access countless lives and transform them. He also has the experience of personally starting and building twenty companies across various industries and rivals the experience of many renowned business personalities.

Today, he focuses on personal development and personal growth by providing powerful coaching to all those seeking success in life. As a success story himself, Peter knows first-hand what building the proper habits can do when channeling your energy and attracting success. He shares the four practices that helped him be the example and inspiration he is today.

1. Being independent of GOOP

Peter believes that one of the most incredible days in a person’s life is when they finally become OK not being liked. He states most people live a life constantly seeking what he calls GOOP, or the Good Opinion of Other People.  When you unhook from this, you can finally become authentic and express yourself for your truth, which, paradoxically, often attracts higher opinions from others.

2. Indigo nature

Peter believes his indigo nature is another reason for his success. Indigo’s are often characterized by their aversion to bureaucratic or institutional authority and constantly challenge the status quo. They are never content with the answer ‘because that’s how it’s always been done and have an innate sense of what is right without the need to be righteous.

3. Believing everything is possible.

To Peter, separating your self-worth from your net worth is the first step in believing that all things are possible. This unleashes the power of your mind instead of keeping it pegged to an ever-changing bank balance and allows you to focus on giving your gift to the world rather than worry if it’s enough.  

4. Humility

Peter cites being humble enough not to believe in his ego-based sense of significance as the final habit that made success possible for him. He is mentally flexible, and it makes him welcome opinions of all kinds without hurting his ego or self-worth. He now plays the game of raising the significance of others which is a far cry from the insecurities of his 20’s where he spent most of his time trying to prove to the world he was good enough.

Your future depends heavily on your habits and how much effort you put into cultivating positive traits. Tiny improvements and effort may seem small to start, but the compounding effect is what matters in the end.

Accomplishing small tasks and acquiring good habits may not give you immediate rewards. However, in the long run, they will raise your game, and that is how Peter Sage has managed to raise his.


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