Best Spotify Promotion Services: 7 Top Companies + 5 Pro Tips

Best Spotify Promotion Services: 7 Top Companies and 5 Pro Tips

In the world of music, things have changed greatly over the years in terms of how people consume music and how new artists rise to fame. 

Instead of CDs, audiotapes, or mp3 players, we now have social media sites that allow people to share music from all around the world in seconds. While SoundCloud is a popular one, the most popular in the current landscape is Spotify, with over 286 monthly active users. 

Spotify is a powerhouse for music creators and artists, with the potential not only to reach more listeners and grow their music career but to actually make money streaming on Spotify. 

For this reason, there is no shortage of people out there looking to grow their listener base and popularity on the platform, a task that can take a lot of time and dedication, potentially causing frustration and disappointment. 

There are third-party companies that can help users gain traction on Spotify, but not all of these are above the board and may actually provide bad, low-quality service that does little to actually help your account. This is mainly because these companies are just looking to make a quick buck. 

It’s because of this that you must choose extremely carefully when deciding on a company to help you grow your Spotify success. One top way to gain real listeners and Spotify engagements is to use a Spotify promotion company. 

After reading this article, you’ll understand: 

  • What a Spotify promotion service is 
  • 7 top Spotify promotion services
  • 5 pro tips to boost your Spotify success
  • The harms of fake Spotify followers and engagements 

Upon finishing this article, the goal is that you have a good interpretation of what a Spotify promotion service is, how to choose a reputable one, and what tips can help you perpetuate natural growth on Spotify in addition to the promotion service’s outside help. 

Let’s dive in! 

What is a Spotify Promotion Service?

A Spotify promotion service allows you to gain more real promotion for your Spotify content through real users that are shown your music and playlists through the service’s network. That way, you’re always gaining real engagement for your Spotify as opposed to fake followers, plays, etc. 

When you buy fake Spotify followers and engagements, you are not only gaining little account growth, but you’re also putting your account at risk. Spotify promotion services allow you to bypass these risks and grow your Spotify in real and valuable ways. 

It can be challenging to find companies that actually care about your Spotify growth and get you real promotion as opposed to simply sending over fake engagements; these companies are shady and simply want to turn a profit off of your need. 

Spotify promotion services uphold the integrity and legitimacy of your Spotify while gaining you the necessary plays and other engagements to become a competitive player on the Spotify platform. 

Through the use of a Spotify promotion service, you can get your music out there and subsequently gain more natural growth through your newfound popularity, helping to reach your goals through Spotify. 

You don’t have to worry about bots or fakes when you use a Spotify promotion service, which is a big benefit. Don’t waste your money and time working with companies that send you fake Spotify growth; use a Spotify promotion service instead. 

Top Spotify Promotion Services 

All 7 of the following Spotify promotion services can bring you invaluable enhancements to your Spotify success and help you get noticed on Spotify with good performance numbers. 

These companies are safe, easy to use, and offer big benefits for your Spotify content. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from them. 

1. UseViral


Our top Spotify promotion service is called UseViral, and they’ve been helping clients with Spotify promotion for years. 

They’ve built a large network of users that work to bring you real Spotify followers, monthly listeners, and plays. This is a great way to boost your Spotify visibility and get more people checking you out. 

UseViral has many different promotion packages to choose from; when you decide how much promotion you need in terms of numbers, you’ll buy that promotional package and UseViral will get to work with your chosen engagement for Spotify. 

You’ll receive more real engagement through their network of users and it will come in gradually, keeping your account reputation clean and natural. UseViral offers 24/7 support as well in case you have any questions about this or future purchases. 

UseViral is a safe option that will help you to protect your Spotify growth while getting some assistance in promotion for your Spotify music. You can’t beat their services so check them out today! 

2. SidesMedia 

SidesMedia Spotify

If you’re looking for real Spotify growth from a promotion service that has years of experience, SidesMedia could be a top option for you. They have a great track record with their clients and help to promote your Spotify music to their network partners. 

They have over 5000 network partners that will help your Spotify to get the plays and engagements that it deserves, helping you to boost your popularity and get more people to listen to your music. 

SidesMedia allows you to choose how much promotion you want through their package promotion options; once you choose one and complete your purchase, you’ll start seeing results on your Spotify in a natural way. 

With SidesMedia, you’ll gain real, trusted growth through their top-notch Spotify promotion service. 

3. Media Mister 

Media Mister - Spotify

Media Mister offers quite a variety when it comes to Spotify promotion services. You’ll be able to choose from different network promotions if you need certain countries (not all countries available). 

Media Mister takes their time to gain your increased engagement and promotions so their service is a bit slower, but the results are valuable and help your account to grow with real Spotify engagements. 

They are a trusted option as a Spotify promotion service and can also help you to grow other social media networks if you’re looking to grow your presence on other platforms as well. This feature is also available on SidesMedia and UseViral. 

4. FollowersUp 

Followersup Spotify

FollowersUp is a great choice if you want to customize the amount of promotion you’ll receive as they have a sliding tool to help you choose just how many Spotify followers or engagements you’ll gain through their Spotify promotion service. 

FamUps backs up their service through a lifetime warranty, so that is also great news if you’re looking for reassurance with your Spotify promotion service. 

FollowersUp has great reviews and has a lot of successful clients that are a testimonial to their great Spotify promotion service. 

5. Burstimo


Burstimo is a UK-based Spotify promotion service that offers tailored services for your Spotify and musical promotion. They will help you get your music out there and get more people listening. 

Burstimo doesn’t give information about their packages online because they want to see who you are before signing on for services. If you want to know exactly what they can offer you, you can fill out the customer questionnaire on their website and they’ll get back to you with more details.  

6. Soundplate


Soundplate will help you to discover Spotify playlists that your music can work with and get your tracks out to more users, effectively promoting your Spotify music. They offer a few other services as well to get your music out to more ears. 

You can also create music smart links and add a playlist, as well as create a music visualizer. They have different tools and different price points, so check out their website for more information and to see if it could be right for you. 

7. PitchPlaylist


In order to get your music to a wider range of listeners in your genre, Pitch Playlist offers Spotify promotion services that can get you noticed on Spotify. 

They will ask you to go through a consultation in order to understand how their services work and what it will do for you, so you can schedule that via their website if you want to get some more info on how PitchPlaylist could work for you specifically. 

Ways to Boost Your Spotify Popularity — 5 Pro Tips 

Spotify is a top platform for music artists, and for that reason there’s a lot of competition out there. Spotify promotion services can help you— that’s a certainty. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should stop trying to perpetuate your own natural growth through Spotify strategies. 

You should consistently be working to better your performance on Spotify through best practices for your content and music channel. In this section, we will give you the breakdown of 5 top Spotify tips to gain real growth while using your Spotify promotion service. 

That way, you aren’t sitting by idly waiting for your stardom to happen overnight. You should always be proactive and promote success through your Spotify efforts. 

Let’s see just what you can do to be more successful on Spotify. 

1. Create Playlists 

Spotify Playlists

One great way to increase your visibility and get more listeners on Spotify is to create your own playlists. People are always looking for great things to listen to on Spotify, so when you create mixes and playlists that bring in a lot of traffic, you’ll be getting more notoriety for your Spotify profile. 

You can use not only your own music but other artists’ music to create your playlists. It’s a great idea to include your music in playlists with reputable artists that people search for so that you can get more exposure for your own tracks as well. 

When you create a wide variety of well-composed playlists, you can get more traffic to your channel and get your tracks out there to a wider range of listeners, which is a big win for you and your Spotify efforts. 

It will also increase your engagement when people save your playlist or share it with friends and other users on the platform. Overall, it’s a great strategy for boosting your Spotify and getting in the eye of others. 

2. Develop Your Profile Basics 

You’ve got to have a clear image on Spotify so that people know who you are. You are more than just your music; people are looking for well-developed and professional artists that have a complete image. 

This is important not just for your Spotify profile, images, and album/track artwork, but for other social media platforms as well. Your overall social media presence should be aligned and on-brand so that people know who you are and what you stand for as an artist. 

The better you create your aesthetic and your artwork, the more likely you are to bring in people to listen to your music and take you seriously. If things are not organized or kind of all over the place, people will think you’re a novice and will not take you seriously. 

Take the time to think about your image and create an internet presence that best reflects who you are and what your music is about. 

3. Support Other Artists 

Spotify Artists

When you share and support other artists on Spotify and social media, you are building rapport with others in your niche that can help you gain a wider reach for your music and content. Don’t be shy about sharing other music. 

Don’t think of it as taking attention off of yourself— when you share what others are creating, you are gaining more visibility for yourself not just in the music community but also from other artists, possibly creating relationships that can be beneficial to you later down the road. 

In addition, you can create alliances with other artists to take advantage of each others’ networks and get both of your musical efforts shared to more people in the target listening base. Sharing other artists and helping them also helps you, so be vocal about that and talk to people that can help boost your visibility and even create potential collabs and gigs in the future. 

4. Partner with Blogs and Influencers 

There is no shortage of bloggers and influencers out there, so reach out to them and see if you can tap into their audience base. Music blogs are a great authority for getting your music out there through track and artist features, so start there. 

You can also work with influencers on Spotify and other platforms to get them to include your music on their posts as well as in their Spotify playlists and other social media posts. That way, people will hear your music and be curious about what it is and how they can hear more. 

The more press and reach you can get for your Spotify tracks, playlists, and albums, the better your chances of building your reputation and gaining footing in your musical niche. There are so many opportunities out there through networking and partnerships. 

5. Cross-Promote Your Spotify 

You should be working on building your cross-platform presence, as social media is a big deal for creators and artists. If someone is curious about you, the first place they’re going to look is social media, so make sure you’re well established across popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and more. 

It can seem overwhelming at first, but it gives you a great chance to create a powerful online image and also share your music in all different types of social media posts. When you do that, you have higher chances of getting better streams on Spotify and increasing your popularity and reputation. 

In addition, people can re-share on other social media platforms as well, so if people like what you’re putting out, they’re likely to share it with friends, doubling the amount of people you can reach on other social media networks. 

How Buying Fake Followers for Spotify Hurts Your Account 


Spotify, just like many other social media networks, isn’t ignorant of the efforts of users to buy fake engagements to boost their popularity on the platform. With this trend still being popular, social media networks have rules in place to curb this phenomenon. 

For this reason, simply buying fake Spotify followers and engagements is not beneficial for your account and ultimately is a waste of money. 

Here, we’ll examine three key ways that fake Spotify engagements and followers harms your account. 

Spotify Has Policies Against Fortifying Your Account 

Like most other social media networks out there, Spotify will do what it needs to in order to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of its platform. For this reason, it has policies in place against faking your own popularity on the platform. 

When you buy fake Spotify followers, plays, likes, and more, you are putting your account at risk of being flagged or even banned by Spotify. This can be a big roadblock to your success on the platform, so you should choose wisely and avoid doing this at all costs. 

You’ll Get No Real Results 

The goal of gaining more listeners and engagements on Spotify is to help your musical content perform better and get noticed and even give you the chance to monetize your Spotify platform. 

When you buy fake followers and plays for Spotify, you aren’t going to reap any of these benefits, as they are fake and won’t have any positive influence on your account. 

Will you see higher numbers? Yes. Will these higher numbers translate to real success on Spotify? Unfortunately not. People are always looking for shortcuts on social media, but the reality is that shortcuts don’t exist because the platforms curb them. 

Buying Spotify plays and other engagement metrics will not help you reach your goals on Spotify and it won’t encourage more natural growth to come to your profile. 

You Can Look Less Credible 

Users on social media these days are smarter than ever, and they are turned off by users that try to fortify their popularity through fake followers and engagement. For this reason, when you use fake followers and engagement, your credibility takes a hit. 

It’s not hard to see when people use fake followers and engagement for platforms like Spotify. Imagine that some of your songs have a large number of plays, but you have virtually no followers and very few engagements such as likes and saves. 

This shows that something is wrong with your Spotify growth and the users are going to notice that you are doing something shady. When they notice this discrepancy, they’re not going to consider you a reliable or credible musician and feel that you are feigning your success and credibility. 

It’s better to keep things natural and use Spotify promotion services or organic methods to gain more Spotify followers, plays, and other engagements so that your profile remains consistent. 

Final Thoughts: Spotify Promotion Services 

Spotify is the top global music sharing platform, so there is no surprise that people are looking to increase their traction on the platform. The best way to do that with outside help is to use a Spotify promotion service to boost your visibility and gain more Spotify followers and engagements. 

Don’t waste time and money with companies who only send you fake followers; this trend is dying out and it is not beneficial for your Spotify performance or long-term goals. 

Use the 5 pro tips in this article in combination with one of the reputable Spotify promotion services on this list so that you can maximize your performance on Spotify in real and healthy ways. Happy growing!

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