Best URL Shorteners: 9 Top Custom URL Shorteners With Best Features

Links to specific sites can be long, sometimes so long that it seems bad and under-the-table. But Don’t you worry. The long links can be shortened easily with an URL shortener tool. Links like the one above can be changed into with just one click. As you have guessed already, an URL shortener is an online tool that reduces the size of long, unpleasant-to-eye URLs into shorter and an easy to share versions.

Best URL shorteners don’t just help shorten the URL’s size but also offer analytics, customize URL, and track link clicks. Normally, you don’t know who amongst your audience is visiting your shared website by the provided link. But with the click tracking feature of some URL shorteners, you will be able to collect data like the number of clicks the link gets, what devices people are using, and where they’re coming from.

With features like click analytics, UTM parameter support, and retargeting, you can even provide different URLs to different people using different devices, redirecting to the same site. With these features, you can also track and create manipulate the links.

Now that you know what an URL shortener is, its advantages, and its features, it’s time to glance at the best URL shorteners currently available.


Itsylink is probably the best URL Shortener when it comes to cost-efficiency and URL shortening features. It is a thoroughly advanced URL shortener that provides multiple advanced features like Branded redirects, Overlay pages, Pixel retargeting, QR code generator, Bulk Link Management, Integration with 3rd Party Apps, custom URL Shortner, etc., for minimal prices. 

Features of Itsylink URL Shortener

Along with the services mentioned above, the other services Itsylink provides are- 

Branded Link shortening: With Itsylink you can create your own branded short hyperlinks or domains by adding your own custom domain. Example: to yourbra.nd/abcd

Custom URL shortener:  With Itsylink, you can customize your own short URL alias for every link like to

Custom overlay pages: Overlay pages can be used to shorten URLs with call-to-action with custom Forms, Polls, Videos, message boxes on your target landing pages.

Embed tracking pixels: Retarget Anyone Who Clicks On Your Shortened Links by adding Remarketing pixels of platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Short link access restriction: password protection, Set link expiration Date, Device Targeting Access can be used to restrict access of different user devices. One can also use Geotargeting to redirect users from specific geo to different landing pages.

Profile builder: You can add links redirecting to social media sites and portfolio websites in a landing page using Itsylink. You can set up retargeting campaigns for profile builders.

Link management: Manage your URLs by adding them into one or several categorized dashboards. 

API Access:  You can develop your apps with your team members through Itsylink. 


Itsylink Free plan allows users to access all the advanced features for up to 1000 shortened Links as well as provide 30 Day free trial for all premium plans. its Premium Plan which costs just $25/monthly allows users to have unlimited access to all the platform features including unlimited URL shortening, Link Tracking, custom domains. These Highly advanced features at the cheapest rates place Itslylink at top spot in our list of Best URL Shorteners.


Bitly offers numerous URL Shortening features such as advanced tracking dashboard, Branded Link redirects, Custom URL shortening, UTM Builder, Link Tagging, and QR code generator. The comprehensive dashboard and the ease of use are the reasons why this can be a great option for enterprises with bulk URL shortening needs. Bitly is comparatively costlier to other URL shorteners available in the market


The free service is pretty good as it allows users to create up to 1000 short links, and you will be able to customize 50 of them through the domain. The paid plans are: 29$/month plan, which allows 1500 Branded URL shortening, and a 199$/month plan, which allows 3000 Branded URL shortening and other advanced features such as UTM Builder, QR code generator, Device targeting, etc. 


Rebrandly is considered among well-known URL shorteners. Its Features are somewhat similar to other URL shorteners available in the market. The shortened links can be used on different platforms for marketing a product or service to the audience. You can use the shortened links on business cards or redirect viewers to your site.

The free version of Rebrandly allows you to track the popularity of the links. Some exclusive features like QR code generation make the users’ work way easier. If you need features like Adding tracking pixels, Generate Tracking Reports, Adding Custom Domain, UTM Tag Builder, Link Geotargeting, Insert Marketing Pixel, etc., you will have to opt for the paid versions. 


The free account of Rebrandly offers much more than other free service providers. You will be given 500 branded links and will be able to track 5000clicks/month. The premium plan starts from 29$/month, which can be quite restrictive as it only allows creating up to 500 Short URLs and allows for tracking 25000 clicks/month. So choosing plans ranging from $69-$499 is always the preferred option. has this cool feature called real-time analytics which can come in handy in a broad range of online marketing strategies. offers a wide range of services like custom link shortening services, 404 monitoring, editing links, geographic linking, chrome extension, and unfortunately, none of these are free services. has to be purchased. If you are a beginner or looking for free sites, is not for you. 


For 19$/month, you will get unlimited Short Links along with Tracking up to 150K Clicks on those links (no access to branded domains). For a 49$/month plan, you will get unlimited Short Links, link tracking up to 250K clicks, and 1 custom domain for URL Shortening, and for a 99$/month plan, you will get unlimited Short Links, link tracking up to 500K clicks API integration, retargeting pixel, and interstitial pop-ups.


By using, you can do bulk link Edit, integrate with 3rd party apps, add a custom domain and UTM tags, track the number of generated clicks by the links, and of course, you can shorten URLs. As the website is very user-friendly, You will be able to concentrate on your marketing or other work by saving time here. it will be way easier for you to locate action-oriented tools and other features in no time. The features are easy to use also. 


The basic plan will cost you $48, and premium plans range from $99-$599. The basic plan allows you to generate 10000 links, track upto 7500 Link clicks, and Add up to 10 Custom domains. If you want access to features like User location Filters, Dynamic links, UTM tags, statistics, analytical data, Device-based traffic, you will have to go for the premium plans. The 99$ SMB Option allows users to create 50000 Links and Track upto 15000 Link clicks.


Tinycc offers all the features that a good, paid URL shortener should. However, it has failed to go mainstream and to the top due to its price. Tinycc is comparatively costlier than other leading URL shorteners, which provide the same services. Users can access features like Custom URL Shortener, Interstitial Pages, API Integration, Geolocation Reporting, Link Health Monitor, Custom domains, etc., in Tiny. Users get assisted by multiple monitoring tools, which help them detect any problems of the links on time and redirect them or fix them accordingly.


There are four plans, Basic, Business, Pro, and Enterprise. The Basic plan costs 5$ and allows the users to shorten 500 links and track up to 1000 links. The Business plan costs 25$ and allows the users to shorten 5000 links and track up to 10000 links. The Pro and Enterprise plans start from 44$ and allow the users to access all the advanced features. 


Liklyhq is mostly used as a link tracker and management platform rather than as a shortener. Some of the best features provided by linklyhq are Link Tracking, Adding tracking pixels, Generate Tracking Reports, Adding Custom Domain, UTM Tag Builder, Link Geotargeting, Insert Marketing Pixel, etc. SEO Webmasters may love this one, but it is not very popular among entrepreneurs. By choosing the right plan, you can even access features like conversation tracking, which can help you strategize the upcoming campaigns accordingly. Other features like location-based easy redirects, link rotation, visual reports, and other exciting features are also available. 


The free plan allows you to track 1000 clicks/month, and URL shortening is limited to upto 250. The plus plan, costing 29$/month, allows you to track 25000 clicks/month, and unlimited short links can be created. It is best for a business person. 

 Use hyperlink

Another true competitor for the top URL shorteners is Usehyperlink. It is comparatively new but still provides all the services that the top URL shorteners provide. You can use it to shorten and track links, customize URL slugs, edit the destination URLs, and even add branded links with the costlier packages. Unlike some of the good URL shorteners, Usehyperlink allows the users to use free services and paid ones. Both amateurs and professional webmasters use it. The free account limits the use upto 100 link shortenings. So, if you don’t have bulk work and are looking for free services, go for Usehyperlink. 


Users can use Linklyhq for free upto generating 100 links. There is the standard plan which costs 39$/month, and to gain access to the best and advanced features, one needs to purchase the costly enterprise plan. 

Bit do

The best thing about bit do is that you can either shorten the URL by using the automatic shortener or do it manually. In the case of manual shortening, you will have to define the URL completely by using a format that is human-readable. You can even use words that are easier to remember for the benefit of the people using the URL. Boasting of having the best URL compressing engine, bit do offers countless other features to its users through various packages available with them. 


While the platform claims to offer free services, there aren’t any specifications related to the links/clicks or domains. So, if you are a professional in need of bulk and advanced features, it’s best to go for the other alternatives available at affordable rates. 

The closing status

After going through the 10 best URL shorteners, you should have developed an idea by now. You may be able to decide which one to buy on your own. But, if you are still confused about which to buy, let us help you one last time. If you want to use the free version, go for Itsylink, it offers the most in terms of free usage. If you are a professional and need an URL Shortener and manager for bulk work, go for the paid plans of Itsylink as it offers much more advanced features than the others. 


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