Best websites to buy real Spotify plays, streams, and playlist followers in 2021

If we come out to ask any young person walking the street listening to music in earphones, what is the streaming service, most likely we shall hear back “Spotify”. Spotify is truly a world-known leader in the list of the biggest streaming platforms.

Today you can find their green and black logo on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs even in the deepest corners of the world. The app scored huge millions of downloads to date and the number of users is only growing day by day.

Since the moment the platform was launched, it has become the second homeland for various independent artists as well as for famous names and big labels. While Indie artists and young music producers love Spotify for their monetization system (even if earning only a little), labels and major artists stress out the opportunities for promoting and distributing music the platform provides.

Right after the basics of being on Spotify became clear to many, another competition started. Previously a small-scale ambition to have a few thousands of followers and the same for plays on the songs now turned into an essential need of any streaming artist.

The ranking system along with the feature of intelligent related proposals made Spotify another highly competitive social media, such as Instagram, for example. The difference between these two platforms is the way they rank media and stand one post or account from another. The concept of Spotify is based on the number of plays or streams the songs have, and also on the number of the artist’s listeners and followers.

Choose the best providers

Once the need to grow plays and fans appeared, a new market has risen, сreating different services and sites. Today you can easily buy Spotify plays for your songs, playlists, and albums and also listeners and followers from hundreds of websites. It is not a secret to anyone that not all of these sites, services, apps are equally safe, efficient, and worth your money.

If you go google for a place to buy Spotify plays for your song or playlist, it will give you a long list of providers, good and bad mixed all together. Today nobody would argue that google’s rank doesn’t often tell the true story in this niche so it is more of giving a try before setting up a big deal. Today we speak about the top 6 best sites to buy Spotify plays, streams, followers, and listeners from.

  1. StreamDigic

    spotify plays on streamdigicStreamDigic is our #1 as the industry’s well-known pioneer. Their website is here for recent years offering complete services for top-3 streaming services such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, as well as for Instagram. Unlike many sellers with a long list of supported platforms, they are always highly focused on their own field choosing only the highly demanded social networks in the sector.

    StreamDigic is mostly known for its swiss knife-like opportunities for promoting music. They access all the possible variations of the world’s listeners so you can buy Spotify plays of whatever type you desire from them. At the same time, they can easily help you advance on the number of your followers and listeners. In case you need to strengthen your marketing campaign, they are also open to bringing views and likes to your videos and photos.

    Given their approach to service delivery, StreamDigic’s prices are rather small. Their support line promise to help you 24/7. But in fact, the average response time turned out to be about 2 hours which is not too great to be a tangible disadvantage that crosses out all the pros of this service.

spotify plays on playswizPlayswiz is another trusted website you can buy Spotify plays and everything else to better up your presence and image on the platform. Their move is to bring streams from the real audience of different genres. Known better for high-quality Spotify growth services, they also offer boosts for your songs on SoundCloud.

Despite the dark color scheme, their website is well-designed and it was a pleasure for our eyes to navigate on it. Since 2014 they did 3 or 4 redesigns to get to the point when a user-friendly interface finally meets a perfect picture. Fusing it all with tried and tested marketing methods they practice gives us a reliable company you can increase your organic plays with no headache. Their privacy policy says they don’t use cookies to store any customer data, and the website is https-secured. All this clearly says about 100% safety of all deals there.

It is common for vendors such as Playswiz to also offer other improvements for followers, listeners, likes, views, and the rest of this kind. You will find everything you need to market your music in their listing. In case you demand a custom service, don’t hesitate to contact their team using the form in the footer. It took us about 15 minutes to hear back from them.

  • Songlifty

The website of Songlifty is mentioned on many review portals as a great newcomer’s selection. The feature you can get the most from them with is stretching the time of delivery for the purchased streams. Indeed, when you’re taking your first steps in the world of music, it would seem very suspicious if your number of plays grows with quick bursts. This team will let you pass on this problem.

We can’t say anything special about their website except that it works fast and smooth, and it’s great. Their colors and design make us feel like it is something we have seen before and this feeling works fine for them. Songlifty is all like you have already been here and recently used their services.

They promise to bring only high-quality streams on your music hosted on Spotify. What stands behind this description is a mix of adding organic plays during 72 hours. Their reviews speak for themselves – we have found a lot of positive feedback and only a few negative comments and that is better than the average for this sector.

  • Famups

Famups is an established company that offers effective boosts for marketing on most of the biggest platforms. Unlike the listing’s top leader they bring numerous offers for creating a perfect image on all major platforms from Instagram to Twitter, and they also got everything to grow your Spotify music for sure. May this approach be good or bad, they promise 100% client satisfaction for all of their products, regardless of the metric you’d like to improve.

As for the section related to Spotify, they don’t offer too many options but focus on the essentials instead. You can buy mixed Spotify plays, the same for followers packages. Their rates are rather average and the delivery time depends on the plan you require.

We cannot call their website too informative but if you require some extra information about their services or anything regarding the social media of their focus, you can always reach the support line using online chat on the bottom right.

Hence if you aim for building up a strong marketing campaign for multiple platforms, you will like Famups and their website.

  • Getviral

If you’re feeling like you hit a wall with promoting your music and your numbers don’t grow anymore, Getviral may turn out to be a great help on your run. Their website offers a long list of services for all major social media platforms marketers typically prefer to promote businesses on. You can easily boost the number of Spotify streams on your songs and build up a strong flow of organic listeners from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels at the same time.

Their website is clean and easy to navigate, so any user would find their interface friendly regardless of the experience.

The list of packages on begins from 1000 streams and ends up at 500000, plus they are ready to serve custom packages by demand. Unlike many other providers, they are able to bring streams to your Spotify podcast and that is their strong point. The support line is here 24/7 to assist you with any questions regarding your orders. Terms of service promise to refill any possible drop according to the related condition.

All of these advantages make it possible to put Getviral in the list of top 6 sites to buy Spotify plays on.

  • My Music Viral

This website provides expert services of boosting your presence on Spotify as well as on related platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and also (surprise!) TikTok. Since we are here to review services for Spotify, we shall not touch other options but focus on the essential part instead.

The first thing about them and the most important point is all of the services they provide are covered by a money-back guarantee. In other words, if the time range reserved for the job is over and the improvement didn’t show up, they will refund you the complete sum. Bearing in mind the overwhelming fraud level of the social media niche, this feature puts them into a reliable circle.

The website says you can get in touch with their officers on the support line anytime. In practice, the best response time we got was about 40 minutes which is not too much although.

We can’t say their prices are too high or too low, rather tell of them as a golden middle. The listing starts from $4.59 for 1000 streams and leads up to the biggest available package of 500000 plays for $689.99 USD. The description says you can split mostly all packs into several songs – that is a killer feature that fits perfectly for a customer’s satisfaction.


Nowadays nobody would argue the importance of social media networks and the role the platforms play in our lives. The opportunity to easily share any kind of information with millions of users around the world is now rather a common daily demand than some special channel like it was before.

This changed the essentials of digital marketing and distribution and formed a new world where likes, followers, plays, subscribers, streams, and views are the new blood and energy.

The competition on Spotify is the same high as on any other platform. Every artist wants to be heard and so producers and performers spare a lot of time to promoting the music, beats, vocals of their own. In a world where numbers mean everything, their goal is to make anything that relates to their names sound in as many headphones and speakers around the world as possible.

If you are lusting for fame and popularity, you have to get the most of plays and streams for your music and this is where the above websites can help a lot.

Good luck on your way!

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