“Better to Avoid any Fashion That Affects the Health of the Teeth”: Says the Dentist Olivia Pieterson

Dental health forms a multidisciplinary view in which aesthetics is central. For some time now, the visit to the dentist has gone from being an issue that many have even generated anguish to becoming almost an experience of reaffirmation of the personality.

And it is that the smile is one of the most important forms of expression that human beings have. For this reason, beyond the issues that have to do with health, dental aesthetics increasingly occupies a preferential place in people’s lives.

In this regard, the Invis London clinic has become one of the benchmarks. With more than thirty-seven years of experience, the centre has undergone a profound change from traditional dentistry to a more innovative approach in which the focus of attention is the patient.

I have been able to speak with Dr Olivia Pieterson, who has explained to us how the pandemic has affected the sector and has revealed some of the keys that make a smile stand out from the rest.

“There are three great things that make this clinic different. On the one hand, the techniques and technology we use. Right now we are positioned as one of the best clinics in the world, simply because of the instruments and all the technological advances. We have a series of advances that allow us to work with a lot of quality and speed ”, explains the doctor. 

˝Another of the great pillars is biosecurity, which is on everyone’s lips today. This clinic was built just before the pandemic, but all those kinds of problems have already been thought about.

We have very demanding disinfection and sterilization protocols and many issues are demonized (doors, taps etc.) to avoid cross-contamination”

She says.

Finally, the human team plays an essential role: “Human quality is another of the pillars. This clinic belonged to my father, we have inherited his way of working, in which the treatment is very close to the patient, always looking for him to be within a welcoming atmosphere ”, she assures.

It is precisely this personalized treatment that makes the clinic move away from the stereotypes that have always been associated with the dentist’s office and that, in general terms, causes a feeling of fear in the patient. 

“Our focus is to treat the patient in a comprehensive way, we go to the origin of the problem and address the case in a multidisciplinary way, ” she emphasizes. “The idea is to create an exclusive space and environment. The patient comes for personal well-being and it is no longer an obligation to “come to the torture room” as it was in the past,” she says.

Although the cases are approached from a global perspective, the speciality of the clinic is dental aesthetics and invisalign clear aligners. Olivia Pieterson recognizes that there are many people who are initially reluctant to change and who put up a barrier to avoid looking very different, so it is better to go little by little.

“We do not impose anything, we only recommend. The patient is the protagonist, the treatment is personalized and he decides what he wants and how he wants it ”.

One of the issues that have been raised the most in recent times is the trends that affect dental aesthetics, such as the gap between teeth (diastema), and the application of stones or teeth made of gold or other metals. In this regard, the dentist is blunt: “the fashion of separating the teeth as long as it does not affect our way of biting may be acceptable.

If it affects dental health, it is preferable to avoid it ”, she explains. As for gold teeth and the like, she explains that it is better not to resort to these techniques for aesthetic reasons, since “everything that wears out is a fabric that does not return.”

Aesthetics has always been an important issue for the specialist, who was trained in California, very close to one of the cradles of beauty in the world. Olivia Pieterson maintains that from her time there she has brought many of the techniques, but not only with regard to dental aesthetics, but also hygiene and safety. “We have American technology and science, but English culture and way of treating.”

The Medical Director of the clinic considers that in recent years the perception of the smile has changed a lot: “I think that in the last 10 years personal care has evolved a lot. Before we would remove more teeth and put more implants ”. For her, an example of a beautiful mouth is that of the actress Blanca Suárez, a natural smile that does not follow stereotypes or fashions such as large teeth, very white and all the same.

“Here we are looking for a dentistry that makes a difference, but invisible in terms of nobody can tell if you have done something or not,” she explains.

Many personalities from our country come to the centre, not only well-known faces from the entertainment field, but also from the world of science and other sectors.

The dentist ensures that a beautiful smile always begins with a healthy mouth and is characterized by harmony: “teeth well placed and arranged harmoniously in all aspects”.


Olivia Pieterson assures that despite the health crisis, the clinic’s staff has increased. The specialist assures that, despite the fact that the centre already had some of the most innovative hygiene and disinfection techniques before the pandemic, the truth is that they were unemployed for a few months: “the professionals of our union are among the most exposed and in the first phase there were no protective equipment ”. However, little by little they have been returning to normality.

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