Betty Palomino: From Tragedy to Success

by Sofia Rivera

Betty Palomino is an admirable and successful businesswoman, along with being a wonderful mother. However, she also has a tragic backstory filled with adversity that impacted who she is today. In a sledding accident in 2006, Betty had become disabled in a matter of seconds, a moment that not only changed her life, but her perspective as well. Right after the accident, doctors told her there was no hope for her and that she would no longer be able to walk. They told her it was impossible, but for Betty, nothing is

Betty was sent to occupational therapy, where they instructed her on how to adapt to her new life. But, Betty knew that there was more she could do to rehabilitate herself, and so she found alternative ways to do so in the privacy of her own home. It was a daily challenge. The rehabilitating was both physically and mentally draining. Despite the struggle, Betty used this setback to her benefit, and decided that she going to use this experience to come out stronger than before. In addition to struggling through physical therapy, Betty was also dealing with an abusive relationship that made her realize that it was better to be alone than to hurt herself in bad company. On days she felt discouraged, her children were her motivations. She wanted to set an example of discipline, attitude, and determination, and they were all the motivation that she needed.

Fifteen years later, Betty Palomino is a living miracle and is thriving in the construction industry as CEO of Excellence Contractors Group LLC, as well as Buy & Sell Roofing Supply. She is now one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Atlanta. Her story is proof that getting out of life’s obstacles is up to you. With a strong will, you can achieve anything. 

For Betty, giving up was not, and never will be an option. She hopes that through her life experiences, she can teach people that they are capable of anything, as long as they have the willingness to rise above difficult situations.

“There are no incapable people, there are incapable minds,” she says. This strong mindset pushed her to be the incredible success story she is today.

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