BGES: Your Specialists in Business Growth, Future Proofing and Exit Services

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Have you ever dreamt of owning, running, and growing your own business, however, you just don’t know where to begin to pull it all together? Or does the idea of trying to juggle all of the day to day essentials to keep your business afloat seem like a daunting, unmanageable task?

Afterall, to keep a business going, there are so many areas that need your attention, and there just simply isn’t room for a weaker link in this chain of (seemingly endless) responsibilities. From products/services, marketing, sales, human resources, financial control, technology, systems, all the way to operation, a business is like a well oiled machine that needs each component and every mechanism to work flawlessly, especially of you want to grow a sustainable and profitable business.

This is where the services of Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty Ltd (BGES),  a boutique management consultancy firm with a proven track record comes into play. Their credo reads “Partner of Choice in Business Growth, Future Proofing and Exit” and they promise to provide innovative ideas, pragmatic solutions, and most importantly, great results.

CEO and founder of BGES, Eric Tjoeng, describes the company as an “Effective One-Stop Shop Business Growth, Future Proofing and Exit Service Provider” for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Eric has been recognised as one of the 10 Australian Business Strategists & Experts to Watch in 2021 by the Australian Business Journal.

BGES aims to participate in the enhancement of the national economy by helping Small and Medium Businesses to succeed, and very importantly “Future Proofing” them, to ensure long-term stable and profitable growth, leaving behind them a following of top performing businesses, trained top talents, and very happy stakeholders.

BGES offers a range of specialised services, that are focused on increasing profit, maximising cash flow, facilitating business value improvement, future proofing business, and preparing their clients to be “business exit ready”. Their uniquely tailored methodology has been tested and proven, and is well-known for being both innovative, pragmatic, and effective.

It is therefore not surprising that they have an incredible track record of producing exceptional results, including helping businesses to be BRW Top 100 Fast Starters List and Business Award Winners. 

BGES knows that, just as when working with individuals, every business is unique and therefore there is no all-encompassing single formula that will work to fully maximise the potential of every business in the same way. Therefore, they know that it is of utmost importance that a solution designed according to the specifics of each individual case would be tailored for every valued client. 

BGES emphasises that their approach is focused on achieving Smart, Successful and (very importantly) Sustainable Business for their clients.

They advocate a strategic and holistic approach, one that addresses the “big picture” framework of the vision, mission, values, and the best way to achieve the desired great outcomes. Through their knowledge, expertise, and experience in working with such a great variety of businesses, they are better equipped to advise a company regarding the right strategy, business model and the necessary actions to compete and excel. 

If you are looking to grow, future proof or exit your business with exceptional results for your small-medium-sized business, then look no further. Contact Eric Tjoeng, Founder and CEO of Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty Ltd today at or visit their website

Let BGES explore with you how they can work together with you and your team for your business success.

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