Bhavik Patel’s Transition From Sales Professional to an Entrepreneur is Indeed a Success Story

There’s no easy success and early shortcuts in life, if you aren’t struggling, you are not steering in the right direction. Truly said, failures are the defining moments of success and people are eagerly adhering to that path.

One to embark on his journey on that path is a young under 25-year-old entrepreneur Bhavik Patel. Born in Australia, Bhavik is the only child of the family. Alongside its perks, being the only child came overwhelming expectations.

After his senior schooling, Bhavik decided to set his foot in the corporate and sales world, and as of his early professional life, Bhavik joined JB Hi-Fi from 2015-2017. As he progressed, he also worked for Microsoft as a brand ambassador within the augmented reality sales department for his territory.

Through these years, he traveled overseas to India with his close friends which had always been on his bucket list. After his travels, Bhavik faced many financial hardships and juggled casual jobs to make ends meet. Shortly after at the young age of 21, Bhavik started working at an international security and technology product company as a territory manager.

But, after years of a mediocre life, the turning point of his life arrived and the realization struck that, “there is more to life than just working 9 to 5 for a company and filling their pockets. There are bigger objectives in one’s life to fulfill”.

Starting his career in the entrepreneurial space, Patel first started Levelupstayz; a home and room rental service in Gold Coast. As time passed, Bhavik explored and studied the marketing industry. This was the time when he worked hard on establishing and creating a presence for his newly acquired marketing agency Synqronicity.

Synqronicity provides several multidomain facilities and strategies under one umbrella such as website development and management, e-commerce page and product sourcing setup, graphic design, photo, and video editing services, content creation, and augmented reality clothing. This is a one-stop solution for all businesses to increase their digital presence.

With his career now steadily pacing ahead, Patel has made connections with other like-minded entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses. In a journey filled with these kinds of endeavors, we can now certainly tell that the future holds enormous opportunities that are ready to be taped.

Outside of his business time, Bhavik enjoys collecting and working on his project cars. Alongside his passion for motorsport, he has completed a performance tuning course and has plans to expand his skills into a potential business in this field. He is a firm believer in work-life balance to achieve maximum outcomes in both his personal and professional life.

He aspires to be a positive role model within the South Asian community to young like-minded individuals who may not get or go for these opportunities. He also wants to encourage the South Asian community to not be pressured by the stigma of studying or pursuing a career they are not interested in. Passion is a key driver for Bhavik when it comes to overcoming any hurdles in his business.

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