BIG FOX Embarks On a Rebranding Journey

Big Fox, an Indian footwear brand, established in 2016 has garnered a huge appreciation with its trendy shoe collection. Therefore, looking ahead to expand and rebrand their shoe story to secure the
highest market position.

Big Fox recently launched a rebranding initiative as a symbol of growth and redefined standard.

“Change is the Only Constant”

Big Fox aspires to create a legacy in the shoe industry with its unique designs and shoe demands. With an expansion in their mind, they decided to rebrand their shoe business to create a unique brand identity.

A rough brand analysis chalked out the need to transform their brand look. They wanted to give their brand a bold and classy look which their former logo was unable to communicate.

Therefore, they chose a branding style that reflected a concoction of trend, comfort, and upskilled local craftsmanship. Big Fox represents a passion for designing comfortable footwear for every lifestyle. Whether it’s a formal meeting or casual attire, Big Fox has got your foot styling needs covered.

Their vision to be powerful in terms of production, style, and trends along with being the best in the shoe race invoked them to embrace rebranding initiative. The former fox logo symbolized being clever and fast, defining Big Fox for they make a place in their customer’s heart very fast with their unique collections. But somehow it didn’t create a lasting impact and thus the need for rebranding occurred to give Big Fox a bold and trendy transformation.

The rebranding comes with a tail of risk attached to it. And therefore, it is very important to plan the rebranding journey that will create a mark in the industry. Big Fox plans to move ahead with this transformation by changing their product line and keeping themselves updated with upcoming trends.

They wish to produce a product line that’s affordable yet classy. Big Fox visions to spread its brand magic to reach every common man. They have come up with new product categories along with an updated list of products to break the monotony.

The ground-level execution at Big Fox begins with the design team that works at the category level to develop trendy products according to the season. After the designing level, product manufacturing and selection of materials are outsourced after many levels of quality checks.

Once the product is manufactured, it is dispatched to various customers and warehouses. The overall process is adopted to give their customers a good footwear experience.

The best quality about Big Fox is their “Make in India” initiative. They want to grow not only as a brand but as a business community by giving employment opportunities to local craftsmen and manufacturers.

In Conclusion…
Rebranding involves a new point of view to look at your brand. Ranging from a new product line to a creative digital look, Big Fox is on its way to achieving skyrocket success.

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