Bihar Gives Bollywood the Next Super Star After SSR, Who Is a Transgender Female, Navya Singh

Navya Singh

Bihar has been a treasure of talent. Many have come to Mumbai from Bihar to create their identity in Bollywood. Navya Singh is another diamond from the Bihar now to be casted in the crown of Bollywood.

She is not devoid of her identity. Her fame is spread vast, like a rainbow in the sky. She has been enlightened of her career goals despite odd circumstances. Born as a male, having a conservative and controversial periods rounds of episodes in her life, she focused on her goals. Today she is a famous transgender female. Actively working for the LGBT Community she has made her name brighter than a star in film industry.

Her compassionate approach towards the unprivileged sector of the society makes her larger than life. Her femininity talks out loud and clear. She failed her first trans queen India pageant, but her immense contribution to the transgender community made the pea gent organisers rethink on their decision as she was not only a person with good thoughts but she was a real role model to groundwork hands on for this group.

She was then honoured as a brand ambassador of the Miss Transqueen India Pageant. She is a true example of action speaks louder than words proverb. Her immense heart felt desire to uplift the needy has made her expand beyond the LGBT group. She has now gone beyond preponderance in supporting the LGBT community, orphans and old age home.

Her being transgender was viewed as inferior in the early days of her Bollywood entry however with her immense popularity in the social service sector her acceptance in the film and acting industry has made her a super star emerging as a role model for many. She is a live example of reel model who are not less then role model in today’s demanding era.

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