Bijoy B K – Multitalened Musical Artist Also Gets Success on Writing

Rajshahi is one of the famous and largest Public University of Bangladesh

Bijoy B K is a Bangladeshi Young independent Writer and a Independent Musical Artist. He is from dhaka, Bangladesh. Education of Bijoy B K is Graduated from university of Rajshahi, Bangladesh From department of population science and human resources development (2013-2019). University of

, Bijoy B K completed his study from there at 2019. Bijoy B K started music making and Books writing at 2019. Recently there are many Books of Bijoy B K is popular in all online Book stores.

He is the Founder of many helpful Agency and achieved the title of independent Writer, Entrepreneur and Musical Artist at a very young age.

Bijoy B K is also a Author he has wrote, Musical book called ” Instrumental Soft” which is available on amazon.

He has written some popular books, such as– (1). Instrumental soft ; it is written by independent Musical Artist and writer by Bijoy B K , based on recently released Music of Bijoy B K named Instrumental Soft. (2). Definitions of Instrumental Music : Collections of definitions of Instrumental Music By Bijoy B K (Instrumental Soft). (3). Backgrounds of Young living independent Musicians : This book is written by Bijoy B K , on behalf of this Musicians.

Bijoy B K’s released most viral famous and popular songs given below: (1). Instrumental Soft, (2). Smell of independent, (3). Skylight never gone (4). Love is like twin flowers, (5). Song is on way.

He released his music on many other international platform like Deezer, iheartradio, Apple music, Amazon Music, Instagram, Facebook, google music, YouTube Music so on. Now Bijoy B K is working independently as a Writer and Musician.

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