Billboard Charting Artist T’Juan AKA The Mystery Kid Talks About The Biggest Motivation In His Life

Rapper, singer, songwriter and so much more, T’Juan AKA The Mystery Kid has played many roles in his He is a man of many talents and he has spent this life trying to make things happier for the people around him.

He is the voice and artist of the legendary mixtape series WRPR Real Positive Radio hosted by world-renowned Bigga Rankin. Not just that T’Juan is also a 3x Billboard TOP 30 recording artist.

His music is all about spreading good vibes around and telling his story. T’Juan also has a special motivation in his life that has helped him in his journey. It is his son TJ.

Speaking about his song, T’Juan said,

“My son is my biggest motivation in life. At 8 years old, TJ is one of the most creative and energetic children I have ever seen. Honestly, all I want to do is make him proud of my music and myself.”

He added,

“Growing up I didn’t have a Dad to teach me… to love me, to support me. All I had was my mom and my 3 younger brothers. All my life I struggled with becoming who I knew I was meant to be because I never got that example from my own father. So, this journey of fatherhood is my biggest motivation.”

T’Juan TMK is now gearing up to drop new music soon! Keep an ear and eye out for him. You can follow his journey on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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