Billionaire Jay Bloom: His Accomplishments

Jay Bloom has made a career of successes in the business world. Looking at his past accomplishments, one takes away a few key lessons:

  1. Find a passion and create a business out of it.
  2. Always be thinking of new ways to expand or evolve a business.
  3. Recognize when something isn’t working and accept failure.
  4. Never stop learning and using that knowledge for further success.

Here Is a List of Some of Jay Bloom’s Business Accomplishments Over the Years. 

Pegasus Group Holdings. This holding company owns and operates data center ecosystems that use renewable energy. Customers can use the data centers for enterprise colocation, differentiated multi-cloud, industry-leading telecommunications solutions, disaster recovery services, and off-site data storage solutions.

Among the customers using the data centers are medical companies providing human genome mapping sequencing and cryptocurrency miners. Pegasus Group Holdings is also responsible for the largest solar-powered data center, located in Mohave County, Arizona.

First 100. This entity, of which Jay serves as director, purchases delinquent liens on HOA properties and uses a little-known Nevada law that allows First 100 to foreclose and take ownership while the lender’s mortgage is eliminated.

Police Chase Las Vegas. Jay Bloom started this venture based on his own thrilling experience riding in a police chase. Located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Police Chase Las Vegas gives participants the chance to experience that same thrill by putting them into a simulated police chase.

Helicopter services. Jay started with one helicopter and eventually expanded to seven. His business provided helicopter transportation for elite customers. Always contemplating new ways to expand and grow, he moved into lower-budget, short rides for a wider range of customers. Using a helipad in New Jersey, a helicopter would take small groups up in the helicopter for about a half-minute to experience the thrill of take off and landing.

Pet Insurance for companion animals. This was Jay’s first venture into entrepreneurship. His idea was to create a PPO network for companion animals. There were 2,200 veterinary offices involved in the system, but Jay Bloom sought a way to get more individuals to sign on to the benefit. His company started selling it as an employee benefit through payroll deduction, and then sold it as a credit card enhancement.

These are just some of the ventures that Jay Bloom has been involved with. Some of these business experiences were highly successful; a few, less so. But each experience brought great insights that led to the next venture. These are the tools for entrepreneurial success that have allowed billionaire Jay Bloom to continually reach for and embrace success.

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