Billy Lewis The 7 Figure Digital Advertising Consultant

Billy Lewis is a leading 7 figure digital advertising consultant focused around scaling e-commerce businesses from one hundred thousand dollars to well over and beyond one million plus dollars.

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to host a one on one exclusive interview with Billy about him, his business and his future goals and ambitions. You can read more about that interview below:

Interviewer: “How did you build prestige in your industry and business?”

Quality customer service. We know that building relationships with business owners is key to running a successful B2B service based business.

Interviewer: “What makes you stand out in your industry?”

To put it plain and simple (Communication) In our industry we’ve learned that most companies only communicate via email, I give our clients direct access to my private number.

Interviewer: “What is your business and what are you doing, how did you start it and what made you choose that path?”

We are a digital advertising agency.  When I started on this journey I was looking for a company with similar interest. I found the perfect match and joined the team in sales position and began to learn from one of the leading experts in digital marketing.

I love helping people solve their problems, over the last 10 years or so I noticed the increase in e-com brands entrepreneurs are showing up at a super fast rate. They all seem to have one big hurdle ( how to get sales ) without sales they don’t have a business. That’s a problem we can help them solve.”

Interviewer: “What are the biggest challenges of your life and how did you overcome them?”

Learning to overcome a poor mindset, I invested in myself and found a mentor.

Interviewer: “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”

Continue scaling E-COM brands investing in real estate, I have a passion for helping people. The homeless population here in the U.S. is growing rapidly and I want to make a difference in that arena.

Billy Lewis has been working in the industry for the last 10 plus years and doesn’t plan on going anywhere. In that time he’s worked with brands like RBZ Expressions, HRG Collection, Fashion Spa House & Store Finds.

If you’d like to be Billy’s next big success story or just to follow him and journey you can follow him on his LinkedIn and connect with him personally for more information.

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